5 Daily Habits For Success

Whatever your definition of success is, there are certain habits that can help you get the most out of your day.

When I first started to work from home, I was so excited at the prospect of starting work when I wanted and working in my PJ’s! That lasted about a week before I realised there was no way I was going to create a successful business. It’s took me a couple of years to find my groove, a large part of which has been a shift in mindset as I have stepped into the role of female entrepreneur. I’ve also developed daily habits for success, little things that keep me organised, productive and sane. They’re not just beneficial in business – they are effective for anyone looking to get the most from their day.

1. Start your day right

I can’t stress enough the difference this can make. I start every day with practices that fill me up – meditation, journaling, reading.  Starting the day in this way means I allow myself time to get centered, listen to my intuition and set intentions. Find whatever practice works for you – you might want to start your day moving your body, sipping your favourite tea whilst journaling, or watching inspirational Ted talks. Whatever you choose to do, make a commitment to do it daily.

2. Get intentional

Setting an intention for each day is a great way to keep focused. Choose a word for the day (e.g. present, focused, aligned, ease) and keep it in mind throughout the day.

Limiting your daily to-do list to just 3 items is another great way to stay focused and productive. I tackle one task at a time, limiting distractions and focusing fully on what I’m doing. When I complete a task I give myself a short break before moving onto the next item.

3. Get enough sleep

This is so important! Surviving on only a couple of hours sleep is more likely to mean we are less productive, more prone to experiencing anxiety and less likely to produce quality ideas and work.

On the other hand, getting enough sleep ensures we greet the day feeling energetic, alert and dynamic.

4. Get support

One common misconception about being a business owner or entrepreneur is that you have to do it all. In my experience that simply leads to burn-out. Recognising where you need help and asking for support, allow you to focus on the parts you do best. So whether you need to hire a business coach, financial adviser, VA or a cleaner for your home – make an investment in yourself or your business, and free up your energy.

5. Get quiet

There is a reason why many high-level CEO’s make time to meditate daily. Getting quiet helps to manage stress, improves brain function and productivity, lets you connect with yourself and make more aligned decisions and heightens creativity. Even just a few minutes a day makes a big difference so consider building meditation into your routine.

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