5 Quick Ways to Create New Content

One of the most effective ways to build a successful blog is to post fresh and engaging content regularly but this can be one of the greatest challengers a blogger can face. Developing a consistent posting schedule is a great way to let your readers know what they can expect from you, and crucially, keep them coming back for more.

But how can you create new content when motivation is lost or you are feeling uninspired? Here are 5 quick ways to create new content. 

1.  Pick up where you left off

One way to develop new content is to revisit old posts.  This might sound illogical but often topics that you have written about previously can be explored even further.  This is also a great way to introduce newer readers to older posts and to capitalise on the most popular topics and increase blog traffic. 

ACTION : Use your blog stats to identify your most popular posts and expand on the topics


2.  Start a discussion

If you haven't got very much to say, why not invite others to join the conversation?  Opening up a discussion and inviting your readers to participate through comments or guest posts can be a great way to stimulate your audience and may generate ideas for future posts.  

ACTION : Brainstorm topics you can open up a discussion on and invite your readers to participate by leaving comments, guest posting or even writing about the topic on their own blog and linking back


3.  Survey your readers

If you have a loyal following, a great way to develop new content is to ask your readers what they want to read about.  Send out a survey using a free service, such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms, to your mailing list or invite Twitter followers to participate and ask them what topics they enjoy most and what else they would like to see featured on your blog. 

ACTION : Set up a survey and distribute to your mailing list, Twitter followers, Facebook fans or write a blog post asking your readers to leave their ideas in the comments section or send you an email.


4.  Keep an idea notebook

I carry a notebook with me everywhere and keep another beside my bed so that I am ready to jot ideas down when inspiration strikes.  If you are not a notebook person, use your smartphone to voice memos. 

ACTION : Start an idea notebook by brainstorming a list of topics. Write down everything that comes into your head, no matter how silly it seems then pick 3 topics to develop into blog posts


5.  Start a blogging series

This can be a great way to write new posts as well as creating content that encourages readers to return.  You could create a regular feature like Sarah's 'Five Happy Things' or choose a meaty topic that you can break down into smaller chunks.  I find that I like to write out everything I can about a topic and then go back and edit it into smaller chunks for individual posts.  

ACTION : Pick one topic and expand it to create a mini-series of 3 blog posts


These are just a few ideas on how to quickly develop new content... leave a comment below if you have any other great tips!