Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about finding your passion. Is it really possible for everyone to find that one thing they are passionate about and wildly talented at?

Those of you who have been following along for a while will have seen me change direction with my business. When I first made the leap from the corporate world I started out doing graphic design work. That evolved into branding and web design and before I knew it, I had created a full-service design and online marketing agency. Alongside that, I was writing and blogging almost daily.

Then I discovered coaching.

I fell in love with the process and set about training as a coach, choosing to wrap up my design business earlier this year and focus on coaching full-time. As a coach I have tried a number of different strategies – life coaching, business coaching, 1:1 packages, group programs, email coaching.

And then a few weeks ago, I began to feel the pull of design again. (You see where this is going right?)

Hello confusion/overwhelm/fear! And then in the middle of my fog of despair it hit me…

Perhaps, it’s less about being defined by what we do and more about why we do it

Why is picking just one thing a rule anyway?

As a society, we like labels. We like people to be nicely defined (preferably in 140 characters or less). We like to define people by their career choice or job titles… how many times have you asked or been asked…. “what is it you do?”.

But what happens if you are multi-passionate? Trust me, trying to write a Twitter bio when you are a coach, writer, designer, advocate for equality, blogger, step-mum, foodie, green tea drinker, meditation teacher and dog lover is nearly impossible.

But that’s my truth, I am all of those things and more.

Looking back through my life I can join the dots, to come to the conclusion I am most definitely a multi-passionate.

+ I have a degree in Archaeology and a post-graduate qualification in Law

+ I’ve also studied marketing, nutrition, teaching and psychology

+ I worked in retail buying before switching to a desk job in the Police force

+ I moved onto fashion buying and merchandising

+ I’ve scrapbooked, sewed quilts, made jewellery, painted, baked bread, tried gardening and learnt to knit (without much success on the latter two)

+ For a while I considered becoming a photographer

+ I’m a coach, writer, meditation teacher and e-course creator

+ I’m also passionate about my family, our dog, long walks in nature, cooking and country music

I guess to some people I seem flaky and indecisive. The truth is, I’m intelligent and curious and a lover of learning (as I would argue most people are). Past indecision has come from trying to follow ‘the rules’ and choose just one thing.

For me, I am passionate about helping women reconnect to their own truth, discover who they are at their core and be wildly authentic in life and business. Wether I do that through coaching, design, writing, podcasting or in some other way is beside the point.

Coaching is my love, there is nothing quite like the transformational power of the coaching relationship. But I also love design and writing and teaching… so I’m working on ways to pull all of that together.

What to do if you’re a multi-passionate


Embrace the fact you have several passions and skills. Give yourself permission to be authentic and embrace your  multi-faceted self. Trying to focus on thing is just going to make you miserable.


What’s behind what you do? What is the cause, belief or value that is driving you?


Stop worrying about how you look or your brand or how your website will work – lean into what you love. Blog about the topics you are passionate about. Serve people in the way that feels good to you, build what brings you joy. Don’t worry about figuring it all out – clarity comes when we take action. So start today.

I’d love to know your thoughts! Are you a multi-passionate?