An intuitive approach to decision making

Approximately 90% of the decisions we make each day are intuitive. We take actions without really stopping to think about it. However, when it comes to making the 'big' decisions, we often make choices based on either fear or emotion. The problem with this approach is that we end up choosing things that aren't actually in alignment with what WE want. We make decisions based on what we feel is expected of us, not what will actually make us happy. 

When we take a value-based and intuitive approach, we make choices that feel good and reduce anxiety. 

There are three stages to this process. 

1. Identify your core values

2. Identify how you want to feel

3. Make an intuitive, aligned decision based on steps 1 and 2

Let me give you an example... 

My core values are: 

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Sense of purpose
  • Mindfulness
  • Intuition

Looking at the list of values it's no wonder I was never happy in a very corporate career where I didn't feel I was making any real difference to the world, and I couldn't express my creativity. Now, I ended up in that environment not because I made 'bad' decisions but because I wasn't clear on what I wanted and made decisions based on fear (fear of disappointing others, fear of being judged, fear of not being worthy enough if I did't have a certain job title etc.). 

For the last few years I have made decisions based on my values and my intuition. As a result I am far happier, confident in who I am, calmer and grounded. Decisions that allow me to be happy in the present moment whilst still working towards my ideal vision for my life. 

The process for making value-based decisions

Step 1 - Identify your core values (I've created a handy worksheet to help you do this, you can find it here)

Step 2 - Ask yourself the question: How do I want to feel? (For a list of example feelings see here -

Step 3 - Write out a list of every single outcome there is to your decision. Don't constrain yourself by what is feasible, just write down all scenarios. 

Step 4 - Which outcomes match with your values? Which outcomes will help you to feel the way you want to? 

Step 5 - What does your intuition tell you? Does a particular outcome make you feel excited? Or do you get a knot in your stomach? Forget what seems possible to you and focus on listening to your intuition rather than the fearful thoughts in your head. 

When we make decisions based on our values and intuition, we have a tendency to be more confident in following through on our choices. We also learn to build our self-trust. 

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