Let's get real for a second...


Some days being an entrepreneur is hard. Like, really hard. 

Some days all you hear is 'no' and it's hard not be dragged down by it. You look around and everyone else seems to have their s**t together but you're not seeing results. You're putting everything you have into making this thing work and yet it feels like you're running a marathon... uphill. In the worst weather imaginable and without shoes. 

You start to wonder if maybe you haven't got what it takes. Maybe you're just not cut out for this. Maybe you're not as clever/confident/skinny/perfect as everyone else. So you work harder, you push more. You change direction for the millionth time praying that this time something will stick. 


Take a deep breath. Right now... inhale deeply and slowly exhale releasing all the crap you're holding onto. All those stories you are subscribing to about yourself. Do whatever you need to let them go (have a dance party in your living room, go for a run, journal it out and burn it). 

Now do this: 

Remember why you're doing this. What's behind it all? How are you working to leave your mark on the world, what's they big why?

Lean into the feeling. Feel the energy of your vision. 

Then pick yourself up and take the next tiny step. Intentional action. 

You've got this