5 reasons why you won't achieve your goals this year

Do you find yourself continuously not hitting the goals you set for yourself? You start off super motivated but eventually find yourself at a point where you are stuck, unmotivated and ready to give up. 

You're not alone. Statistics show that 92% of new years resolutions set each year are broken by the 15th January, and only 1 in 3 adults will ever actually achieve the goals they are working towards. So what stops us from being successful? 

Since becoming a coach I have had the privilege of working with women to help them set and work towards their dream life. In doing this work I've come to notice some patterns. Here are 5 key reasons why you are not reaching your goals...

1. Lack of clarity / a clear vision

We are far more likely to achieve a goal when it's specific. So instead of setting a broad goal ("I want to be healthier"), choose something specific and measurable ("I want to walk a mile a day"). 

Visualise yourself reaching your goal... how does it make it you feel? The key is to really embody that feeling and whenever you find yourself losing motivation, return to it. 

2. You don't have support and accountability

So many of us keep our goals and intentions to ourselves because we don't want to be viewed as a failure if we don't do what we said we were going to. In doing this we are immediately setting ourselves up for failure. Being accountable is a huge motivator. One of the reasons coaching works so well is because the client knows they are going to be asked about their progress each week. 

Put your goals and dreams out there. Tell your friends and family, post it on social media, create a vision board. 

3. You want it for the wrong reasons

Another reason many of us don't achieve our goals is because we want it for the wrong reasons. Next time you feel resistance when it comes to something you are working towards, stop and tune in with yourself. Why are you aiming for this? Is it because it lights you up and brings you closer to your ideal vision for life? Or is it because you feel it's what you should do, what's expected of you? 

Examine your goals and determine if they are in alignment with your core values and how you want to feel in your life. If not, let them go. 

4. You're held back by negative thinking and beliefs

"I can't do this"

"I'm not good enough"

"Who am I to want this"

We all have little stories we tell ourselves when it comes to our self belief. The biggest contributing factor to succeeding with your goals is mindset. When we subscribe to negative thoughts and beliefs, we hold ourselves back. 

Try this:
Next time you find yourself listening to your inner critic, stop and focus on the present moment. Acknowledge the thoughts, without judgement, and notice how you are feeling them in your body. What physical sensations are you experiencing? When we bring awareness to our body we centre ourselves and are better able to let go of our negative thought patterns


5. You're focused on perfectionism not progress

So often, I see my clients fall into the trap of perfectionism. They are so focused on getting it 'right', that they are afraid to get started. 

Consistency is key. 

Small daily actions done with intention keep building momentum. Rather than looking at the big picture, start by asking yourself what one thing can you do today to bring you closer to your goal? 

Just remember... You've got this


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