How to overcome limiting beliefs - FTFR S2,Ep.15


Welcome to this week's episode of Free to Flourish Radio!

I have declared May as the month to master your mindset and in this episode I'm sharing how to overcome fear and resistance. Tune into learn:

  1. How to identify limiting beliefs
  2. How to challenge your current perspective
  3. How to form a positive belief system

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Limiting beliefs, we all have them. 

The problem is that the beliefs that we hold about ourself and others have a direct impact on how we behave, how we live our life. When we hold negative core beliefs, they often impact how we behave as we tend to develop behaviours that protect us from what we perceive to be uncomfortable or dangerous situations. 

What most people don’t realise is that the vast majority of our beliefs about the world are not really true. Beliefs are formed through repeated thoughts, and the only reason they hold any weight is because you’ve decided or agreed that they are true.

So what does a limiting belief sound like? 

  • The feeling of not being enough
  • The feeling of not having enough
  • Having to work hard for money
  • Not deserving success

If unchecked, these beliefs can hold us back from living life fully. They can cause us to lower our aspirations or to adopt patterns of self-sabotage or unhelpful behaviours. 

If you are not where you want to be in your life, whether physically, emotionally, romantically or financially (and so on), the chances are that an underlying, deeply ingrained negative belief is limiting your progress.

So what can you do to start to overcome these beliefs? 

Step 1: Identify what your personal limiting beliefs are.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first is to grab your journal, or a piece of paper and brainstorm a list of all the negatives things you think about yourself. 

"I’m not good enough"

"I’m not skinny enough"

"I can’t do this"

"Who will ever love me?"

Another way to identify limiting beliefs is to start to become aware of your thoughts. When you experience an unpleasant emotion - anger, jealously, fear, disappointment, ask yourself what is the thought or belief behind it? 

Step 2: Examine the truth of your belief

The second step is to really examine the truth of your belief. I want you to dig really deep here. Take one of your limiting beliefs and write down any evidence you have to support it. Now list all the evidence that actually disproves it. So for example, if your limiting belief is “I always get things wrong” , write down all the things you have achieved or done well. 

Now take your belief and look at what it is costing you on a daily basis. What is it causing you to miss out on?

How will your life be different if you let go of this belief? 

Step 3: Shift your perspective

The third step is to change your perspective. By now you have identified your limiting belief and you have seen there is actually evidence to support that it is not true. You also have a sense of what holding onto this belief is costing you. 

So now it's time to change your perspective and form a new, more positive belief. So in the example above of “ I always get things wrong” , the evidence has shown that actually that person has been successful in lots of situations. 

A new more positive belief would be “I am creating my dream life” or “I am successful in what I do. 

Once you have created a positive belief, you need to reinforce it. So use reminders in your phone, sticky notes around your house. meditate on it. And use your journal to record evidence that proves your new belief. 

The key thing to note is that your belief won’t change instantly so you need to continue to reinforce it, over time you will embrace it. 

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