What to do when your dream business doesn't feel so dreamy


You started your business so that you could create a life that feels good, do work that has an impact and have freedom and flexibility.

But suddenly your dream business doesn’t feel so dreamy.

Instead of waking up every day excited to get to work, you are starting to wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to go and get the job.

You’ve been doing all the work.

Maybe, you're making money.

Maybe, you have clients.

But something feels ‘off’.  You know that something needs to change, but you’re not sure what it is you need to be doing differently.

I hear you. 

It wasn’t that long ago (18 months to be precise) that I was in the same place. 14 months earlier, I had quit my 9-5 corporate career in search of greater meaning, freedom and flexibility. 

I was doing this! I was a business owner and it was awesome…... until it wasn’t. 

I spent the first 14 months of my business jumping from one thing to another, trying to find what would stick. I was hustling my heart out to make it work and I was terrified about why I didn't love the thing I had created.

I mean, this was supposed to be my big dream… wasn’t it?

I was writing the blog posts, participating in Facebook groups, creating content and developing programs and offerings. I launched coaching programs, created e-courses and wrote an e-book. I was taking the action but I dreaded sitting down to work on my business everyday. 

I would spend my time looking at other entrepreneurs and wondering what they hell was wrong with me. Why wasn’t I feeling so good about my business?

"Did I do it wrong?"

I’d spent thousands of £££’s on  programs, tools, trainings and yet nothing shifted. I had a few clients but they were less than ideal. 

The worst part of it all? I felt so alone. I was terrified to tell those around me what was going on. I felt like a complete failure and I was beginning to think that my only option was to crawl back to the 9-5 world with my head hanging in shame. 

At the end of 2014, I realised enough was enough. Something had to change.

So, I blocked an entire day out of my calendar, dug out my journal and got real with myself. As I explored what was going for me, it became clear that it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t cut out to be a business owner… it was just the business I had been building was totally out of alignment with who I am.

I decided that I was going to make my dream non-negotiable and really go all in. What followed looked like this: 

  • I quit social media for 2 months to give myself some space
  • I got really freaking honest with myself about what I wanted my life and business to look like (and more importantly feel like)
  • I worked on my mindset daily to get in alignment with my vision
  • I realigned my entire business, offerings, ideal client and messaging to be alignment with who I am and what I am here to do
  • I gave myself permission to change my mind and let go of what wasn’t working

When I eventually figured it out, everything shifted for me. I found myself working with clients I adore, and the time I spent working on my business felt aligned, joyful and full of ease. What’s more, when I removed all the confusion and anxiety around my business, I had more freedom to focus on life outside of my work.  

Here’s the thing, if you are reading this and nodding your head because it resonates with where you are, I want you to know this: 

It is ok for you to change your mind, direction or business model. If you are looking for permission, this is it.

There is no point hustling your heart out everyday for something you are 100% passionate and enthusiastic about. Please don’t trade one rat race for another. Life is just too short. You might as well go and get the damn job. 

The truth is, letting go of what’s not working makes room for the really good stuff. 

Step 1 - Get real with yourself. 

Do you get the dreaded Sunday night anxiety? (#ughmondays)

Are you forcing yourself to show up in your business? 

Are you struggling to create clients or income? 

Are you experiencing guilt, shame or resentment around your business? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, lost and confused? 

As Danielle LaPorte puts it: 

"Don’t worry about how you’re going to fix what’s broke. Just notice what sucks with ruthless honesty"

Step 2 - Download my free guide

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