5 key principles of heart-led living


Those of you who are regular blog readers, follow me on Instagram, or listen to my podcast will have heard me talk a lot about heart-led living. Living a heart-led life is not only something I work on every day in my own life, it also forms the foundation of my business (hey, I’ve even created a lifestyle blog focused on how to live a heart-led life). 

But what exactly does a heart-led life and business look like? Here are my 5 key principles of heart-led living.

1. Let go of the ‘shoulds’ 

To me, this is probably the defining principle of heart-led living. It’s also one of the most challenging to follow. Most of the women I coach come to me living under a weight of expectation. They are living life bound by all the things they ‘should’ do. 

My own story was similar - I spent years following the path I thought I was supposed to, even though it didn’t fulfil. I chose jobs, relationships and situations because I felt they were what were expected of me, and because they were fuelled by my constant desire for approval. 

The best bit about my work as a coach, is the moment a client realises that it’s ok to stop and actually consider what they want. What feels good to them. There is so much power and freedom in that moment. 

--> Stop and examine your own life for a second, how does it feel? What are you doing because you feel you ‘should’? What would letting it go do for you? 

2. Fill yourself up

I cannot stress enough the importance of tending to your own needs - it’s not selfish, it’s necessary. When we make sure that our needs (physical, emotional, spiritual) are taken care of, we can show up fully for others. 

This is more than a hot bath or occasional manicure (although those are great), it’s about creating a consistent daily practice that nourishes you. 

Also, you don’t have to dedicate a hour of your day to this… find what works for you.  Figure out what your needs are, and then prioritise doing things that support you and fill you up. Exercise, meditation, journaling, reading, visualisation, creating… find what works for you. 

3. Cultivate gratitude

Gratitude is a game changer. It shifts our focus from what we perceive to be lacking in our lives, to the abundance that is all around us. It doesn’t matter what seems to be going wrong with life, there is always something to be grateful for. 

Creating a regular gratitude practice allows us to forge a deeper connection with our inner self and the universe. Just like in the previous step, find what works for you. For me it’s making sure to write out 3 things I am grateful for before I go to bed each night. 

4. Set nurturing boundaries

If you are a people-pleaser like I am then it’s super important to make sure you set boundaries in your life. How many times have you found yourself with too much to do just because you were afraid to say no?

We each have a responsibility to protect our own energy, so that we can truly focus on what is important to us. When we are overstretched, we don’t show up fully. 

--> What boundaries do you need to redefine? 

5. Remember… Progress>Perfection

Another principle of heart-led living is to take consistent and intentional action towards your ideal life vision. Firstly, get real clear on what is important to you and then take aligned action. 

They key here is not to get hung up on it being the right time or everything being perfect, it’s about making progress no matter how small it seems. 

Often when someone comes to me for coaching they already know what they want, it’s just that they are afraid to start working towards it. I’ve found of the biggest stumbling blocks is the belief that everything has to be lined up perfectly before we can take action. This means often we get stuck in the planning phase for far too long. And planning is sometimes just another word for procrastination! 

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