5 key benefits of Meditation

One of the things I get asked about the most is my meditation practice. The great thing about meditation is that it's actually really simple, anyone can do it and you can do it wherever you want. 

Yet, I hear from so many of you that you are interested but are worried it won't work for you. 

"I can't sit still"

"I'm not spiritual enough"

"I will never be able to stop thinking" (sidenote... you don't have to!)

"I haven't got time" 

So today, I'm calling you out on all the excuses not to meditate, and I'm sharing 5 reasons to give it a go. 


5 reasons to try Meditation

1. It reduces stress and anxiety

People who regularly practice mindfulness meditation report feeling less stressed and more emotionally balanced. In fact, there have been several scientific studies that show how regular practice changes the brain leading to a reduction in stress. Mindfulness meditation has also been proven to reduce the risk of depression. 

2. It improves focus

Meditation improves our ability to eliminate distractions and focus. Regular practice sharpens concentration, improves memory and enables us to remain focused when under pressure. So no more jumping from one task to another whilst the to-do list keeps on growing. 

3. It increases creativity

Scientists have found that just 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation can improve our ability to solve problems, as well bring us clarity. Meditation can also help us to adapt our perspective which can be useful in letting go of the small stuff and seeing the bigger picture. 

4. It has a positive impact on our relationships

Regular meditation can boost compassion - towards yourself, those you love and everyone you meet. Relationships improve as we learn to communication more mindfully and meditation is also proven to help balance emotions. 

5. It boosts your health

There is so much scientific proof for the benefits that meditation can bring to our health. 

  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Increase in immune function
  • Lessens the risk of heart or brain problems
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Helps alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain

If you want to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation for yourself, I invite you to join me every Wednesday for a free 10 minute live meditation call. All you need to do is dial in and listen! 

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