When is the right time to take action?

Today I wanted to share one of my weekly love notes here on the blog. These love notes are one of my favourite ways to connect with you - it's where I share my heart and where you can access the raw, unedited version of what's on my heart. 

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Hi lovely,

"You cannot escape where you are by simply wanting to be somewhere else. Be present where you are and move through it. Experience the full richness of life - the light and the dark, the ups and the downs". 

I found myself scribbling out those words in my journal earlier this week, after a lovely morning meditation session. They follow through on a question I've had rolling around in my head for the past few weeks....

How do you know when to take action vs. when to anchor into the present moment? 

A large part of the work I do with my clients involves creating a values-driven and aligned ideal vision for their life (and business), and then setting intentional actions to move them towards it. It gets results. On a personal level, I set monthly intentions that feed into my overall life vision. 

But something has been niggling at me over the past few weeks... what if always being forward-focused means we are missing out on our current experience? 

We live in a goal-oriented society - new year resolutions, diets, fitness goals... and there is certainly nothing wrong with self-improvement, but what if in the quest to be our best self we actually miss out on the full experience of life? 

Everything changes, nothing stays the same and if we are constantly focused on where we are headed, we are potentially missing out on what's happening right here. Right now. 

What would it look like to live the full length and width of our experience? How might it be different if we work towards our vision whilst accepting and appreciating where we are. So, instead of wishing we were somewhere else, we actually allow ourselves to feel into what's coming up for us and move through it. 

I don't have the answers but I wanted to share what's on my heart - what I'm working through. I'd love to hear your thoughts so feel free to reply to this email :) 

Love and gratitude,

Gemma xo