3 ways I use Journalling in my Business


I've kept a journal consistently since I was 11. Of course, these days it's less about which boy I like at school and more about the deep soul lessons I'm working through. It's a big part of my daily practice and knowing I can open up my journal and make sense of the thoughts tumbling around inside my head is a great comfort. 

But it's not just for my personal development, my journal has become one of my most trusted tools when it comes to my business, and today I'm sharing my 3 fave practices for journaling my business.


1. Conscious Creation 

I start every month by writing out my 'script'. The idea is that I write out everything I am calling into my business (and life) as if it has already happened. Everything is energy so when we focus on the feeling of already having what we desire, we are better able to make it our reality. 

The key is to use super positive and descriptive language that evokes the feelings behind your goals. Then I read my script aloud every morning, adjusting it throughout the month as things manifest. 


"Ah June, I am SO excited you are here. June is the month of momentum, all of the seeds I have planted start to bloom. I step into this month with absolute clarity and conviction in what I am here to do. I fully embrace my purpose. I effortlessly attract opportunities to teach others about the power of essential oils. When I'm teaching I am truly in my zone of genius..."


2. Intuitive Guidance

Another method of journaling I like to turn to is intuitive guidance or stream of consciousness. If you've never tried this, it might seem a little strange at first but it really does open you up to your inner wisdom. 

It's super simple - I start by writing out a question in my journal and then I just write out whatever comes to me, with no judgement or thought. I let everything flow onto the page without editing. This is such a great tool for times when you are feeling stuck or unsure of your path. 


"What do I need to know about this situation?"

"Let go. Surrender. Focus on what you can control, your thoughts. Spend time with your vision and get anchored. Now is a time to release the fears holding you back and open your heart to a new perspective". 

3. Gratitude

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of gratitude. It can be so easy to get stuck in a lack mentality or focus on what's not working so journaling gratitude helps to shift my mindset. 

I end every day by writing a gratitude list in my journal. I don't just list a few things, however - I choose 3 and take time to really go deep. 


"I am so grateful for my doTERRA team. Each of the women I work with has said YES to this opportunity and I am so grateful for the opportunity to watch them flourish. Their love and the way they serve others inspires me so much. These girls are my family and I am deeply grateful for all of our conversation, laughter, tears and celebrations. THANK YOU."

I hope these practices will be useful to you. I'd love to know... do you journal?