33 Things I Know For Sure

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Yesterday was my 33rd Birthday. 

33 years. 

Birthdays often seem to be a time of reflection and I love reading these kinds of posts so today, I'm sharing 33 lessons I've learned during my 33 years on this planet. 

  1. Letting go of the outcome is a sure path to greater happiness.

  2. Following your intuition is always worth it, even if you have no idea where it is leading you.

  3. Sometimes you have to destroy what you've already made in order to create your best work.

  4. It's ok to change your mind. Always.

  5. The only person you need permission from is YOU.

  6. Shift your perspective - it's not happening to you, it's happening for you.

  7. Blaming your partner/the universe/your ex/the government is only going to hold you back. Forgive, take personal responsibility for your life and move on.

  8. It's safe to let go of what's no longer serving you. Habits, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, jobs.

  9. No one knows what the right path is for you, better than your own inner guidance system.

  10. The present moment is the only moment that truly matters. What is to come and what has gone before is none of your business.

  11. The whispers from your soul and the desires placed in your heart are there for a reason. Follow them. Always. No matter how big or crazy they seem.

  12. The heart wants what the heart wants. When you find someone who lights you up, go ALL IN. Love them hard.

  13. Pineapple on pizza is awesome. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

  14. Your tribe are waiting for you. Find the people who love you no matter what and love them back. Deep, soulful connection. Find them by sharing and talking about the things that are important to you.

  15. Say no, often. Say no to invitations, requests and opinions. Say no to expectation and judgment. Say no to anything that is not aligned.

  16. People judge. Let them and quit worrying about it.

  17. Your only purpose is to be yourself. Becoming YOU is your life purpose.

  18. Fill your own cup first. If your needs are taken care of, you will show up for others with more presence.

  19. Perfectionism is boring, authenticity is sexy.

  20. Do it before you're ready (hint: you'll never be 100% ready).

  21. Every moment is a new beginning.

  22. Supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours. We rise up together.

  23. Whenever you are stuck ask yourself this: what if it was easy? Simplify.

  24. All it takes is a decision. A YES. The rest will reveal itself to you when you decide to go all in.

  25. It's ok to not be ok. Feel into it, release it.

  26. When you can feel it, you can create it. Getting aligned with the energy of what you desire is the gateway to manifesting it.

  27. As our vision expands, so do our fears. Self-sabotage is a sign of growth. We can choose to let it rule or we can choose a new perspective.

  28. Time and health are our most valuable assets because they can never be replaced.

  29. It's never about becoming something or someone else - it's about coming back home to yourself. Peeling back the layers that no longer fit to reveal your true essence.

  30. Choose yourself. Every day.

  31. Ideas without action are just dreams. Hold your vision then take consistent daily action. Never compromise on your dream. Allow it to come first.

  32. Nothing ever stays the same. Drop the attachment. Let things flow.

  33. You are the conscious creator of your own life.