6 Reasons to Try Essential Oils


One common misconception about essential oils is that they simply smell nice. In fact, before I experienced pure therapeutic grade oils, I simply used them as a way to make my house smell lovely. 

The truth is there are numerous physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial benefits to using essential oils. Today I'm sharing 6 reasons why you should try them.

What are essential oils? 

Essential oils are pure extracts from plants - they are nature's defence mechanism for plants and cells. In short, plants produce oils to fight off environmental threats and heal themselves. When we utilise them in our own wellness, we see similar results. 

There's nothing new about essential oils either. In fact, they have been used throughout history for their health and therapeutic benefit.

So here's 6 reasons why you might want to try them...

1. You want to be proactive with your health and wellness

I genuinely believe that each of us deserves to be empowered in our health and wellbeing. We know that to feel healthy we need to eat well, move our bodies and get plenty of sleep, but true wellness is much deeper. If we want to create whole wellness we must also manage our stress levels and emotions, and minimise the toxins our bodies come into contact with.

Essential oils are a powerful tool for taking control of our whole wellness.

2. You are looking to live a low-tox lifestyle

We are living in an age where more people are waking up to holistic wellness. We are more conscious than ever about what we are putting on and in our body. And for good reason. 

New research is published all the time, highlighting the risks associated with the toxin-laden products we use every day. Even products labelled as 'natural' often, in reality, contain fillers and synthetics. They wreak havoc on our bodies, in particular our Endocrine system. 

This is the main reason I began using essential oils. After years of dealing with a hormone imbalance and the side effects of the numerous drugs I was prescribed, my body (and mental health) was at its limit. Just a few months into using pure oils and removing toxins from our home, and I was seeing enormous shifts in my wellness. 

Essential oils are a safe and effective alternative to toxin-filled cleaning and beauty products.

Side note - I have spent £1000's on fancy face creams and skincare products and nothing has ever come close to a drop of Frankincense!

3. You want support with your emotions

Essential oils don't just help our physical health, they are a great tool for emotional support too. Both emotions and essential oils are chemically- based.  Because emotions are chemicals, they are not limited to the mind. Emotions flow and are processed throughout the body, directing the body to feel emotionally and behave physically. 

Essential oils support healthy cell function; anchor healthy biochemistry, and promote physical and emotional detoxification. 

Smell is the fastest way to affect mood. The nasal cavity has a direct link to the limbic system of the brain and this is how essential oils have the power to affect your mood.

4. You want to save money

When you first look at the cost of a bottle of pure therapeutic grade essential oil it might seem expensive. But it's important to remember that when you use pure essential oils you only need 1-2 drops per application. In fact, 1 drop of Peppermint Oil is the equivalent to drinking 28 cups of Peppermint tea. A 15ml bottle of essential oil contains approximately 250 drops!

Note - Beware of cheaper essential oils. Many contain synthetics or filler oils even if they are labelled as '100% pure'. 

A little bit goes a long way, and even when you are using them daily you'll find that they are more cost-effective than conventional household, personal care and medical products. The other way you can save money is to purchase the oils at wholesale prices like I do and save 25% off retail prices. I also receive product points back whenever I purchase, which I redeem each month for free oils (yay!). 

5. You want to save the planet

Not only do they benefit our health, essential oils also have a positive impact on the planet. Now, it's important to note that not all essential oils come from sustainable sources, so when choosing oils do your research on how they are sourced. I choose doTERRA essential oils because of their sourcing practices

By replacing our regular products with essential oils we cut down on packaging waste. Using essential oils also means there are fewer toxins entering the food chain, and impacting our environment. Not to mention a cut in pollutants that manufacturing and supplying chemically-laden products causes. 

6. You want to uplevel your self-care

I am passionate about helping women find ways to focus on their self-care. As a business owner, stepmum to 2 (almost) teenagers and 'furmum' to 2 dogs, I know how hard it can be to put our needs first. 

Essential oils are a valuable part of my toolkit. Whether it's diffusing oils to boost my mood or using them to create my own perfume, they help me to fill my own well so that I can show up fully for my family and business. 

There is so much more I could share with you! I'm wildly passionate about teaching as many people as possible about the power of essential oils - click here to learn more.