A Yurt Adventure + September Intentions

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Hey friends,

This is more of a personal post today. I haven't written a post like this for a while but I wanted to share some thoughts about our weekend, and also outline my September intentions.

A change in pace

Whilst I personally subscribe to the equinox as the official start of Autumn, there is no denying that the seasons are changing. It's a grey and chilly morning here in Yorkshire, and I'm huddled under a soft grey blanket with a mug of tea whilst I write this post. 

I love Autumn. As a child, I used to be so excited about heading off to school (yep, I loved school) with my new pencil case. For me, September always feels like the start of a new year- even more so than January. I also find myself drawn to the simpler things in life at this time of year more than any other. There is so much pleasure to be had from a long walk with crunchy leaves underfoot or a steaming cup of hot cacoa.

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A Yurt Adventure

I was reminded of this at the weekend when we headed off for a break in the Lincolnshire countryside. We spent 2 nights in a Mongolian Yurt, we stayed in the French Yurt at Lincoln Yurts which I can't recommend enough. Not only was it beautiful, the owners made every effort to make our stay perfect. This is my kind of camping - a huge, 4 poster super-king size bed and private bathroom. Evenings were spent around the firepit with friends or snuggled up by candle light playing board games. A lack of electricity and wi-fi meant there were no distractions. I've returned home feeling fully refreshed and with aching cheeks from laughing so much. 

September Intentions

Lifestyle + Health

+ Wake up earlier - aiming for 6.30. I'm not naturally a morning person so this will be challenging but I really want to be more disciplined about my work hours, which means I need to get up earlier to focus on my daily practice. 

+ 30 minute daily walk in the local wetlands

Work + Business

+ Teach 2 essential oil classes

+ Finish prep and launch my free Savour the Season challenge for October

Creativity + Joy

+ Try out 3 new recipes

+ Find a willow craft class 

+ Plant seeds for winter salad

A final thought on blogging

I've been thinking a lot about to balance personal and informative content, here on the blog. I've been blogging and writing for almost 12 years and over that time my focus has shifted. Whilst I love creating content that educates and empowers you about the things I love - conscious creation, essential oils, meditation etc. I do miss sharing more personal/lifestyle posts. 

I'm not sure what the answer is - a mix of content? A new, seperate lifestyle blog? I'd love to know your thoughts about what you'd like to read here...leave a comment and let me know!