An intro to Life Long Vitality


I'm super excited to share the secret to whole wellness with you today. You see… doTERRA’s best selling product isn’t even their single essential oils… it’s their supplement range (which thanks to an awesome promo you can currently get for FREE! Read on friends...).

The Life Long Vitality pack are extremely high quality and are full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants so it's no wonder they are so popular. 

I started using them around 4 months ago and haven't looked back. Within just 1 week I found:

I had more energy

I was sleeping better

I had more mental clarity

My skin was clearer

I was less prone to mood swings

My mum swears by them too, and mothers always know best, right? ;)


So what exactly is in the Lifelong Vitality Pack? 

Microplex VMz® 

Food Nutrient Complex. 

The formula includes a balanced blend of essential antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, and an energy complex of B vitamins, in addition to calcium, magnesium, and zinc for optimal bone and metabolic health.

Even when we try to be healthy, many of us today are nutritionally deficient and Microplex provides an essential blend of anti-inflammatory whole-food botanicals of kale, dandelion, parsley, kelp, broccoli, brussels sprout, cabbage, and spinach, as a comprehensive dietary supplement.

  • An all natural, whole food formula of vitamins and minerals that are deficient in our modern diets.
  • Provides 22 essential vitamins and minerals.
  •  Sourced from whole foods    
  • Supports healthy metabolism and cellular energy.
  • Supports healthy digestion.
  • Supports bone health with calcium


Alpha CRS®

Cellular Vitality Complex

This supplement supports cellular energy and natural cleansing. It contains Milk Thistle which has detoxifying properties and supports the function of the liver and cells. It also contains Boswellia extract (Frankincense oil) which helps to fight inflammation in the body (and we know that inflammation is the root cause of all ‘dis-ease’). 

  • Contains powerful polyphenols that protect cells from free radicals
  • Potent levels of botanical extracts
  • Supports healthy DNA and cell function
  • Helps protect cells against oxidative damage
  • Supports mental clarity and brain function with Ginkgo Biloba
  • Contains powerful antioxidants including turmeric & pomegranate.  


xEO Mega®


A unique blend of natural marine and plant-sourced omega-3 oils and carotenoids. Omega fatty acids help support joint, cardiovascular, and brain health, and support healthy immune function. They are also shown to support hormone function in men and women. 

Unlike most Omega supplements, xEO Mega provides a wide range of omega-3 fatty acids including EPA, DHA, ALA and SDA from marine and plant sources to help maintain a healthy balance of these vital nutrients.

  • Provides ultra pure essential fatty acids and other fat soluble nutrients that supports the heart and has many system benefits.
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular, nervous system & immune function
  • Supports healthy function of the brain
  • Promotes healthy skin and connective tissues
  • Supports joint function & comfort
  • Supports muscle strength & endurance  
  • Formulates with marine and plant omega fatty acids, natural vitamin D & E and oil blend of clove, frankincense, thyme, wild orange, peppermint & ginger.  


Want to try LLV for FREE?

The LLV pack is only available to doTERRA members at a highly discounted price of £72 but if you enrol in August with a 100PV order and place a 100PV order in September you can get it for free! 

If you're not already a doTERRA member but you have been thinking about trying out Essential Oils, this is the month to do it. Just drop me an email at and I can get you set up with your membership account and a lovely 25% discount. 

Here's to Lifelong Vitality!