Conscious + Collaborative: The Future of Business

If you follow me anywhere on social media you will have heard me talking about doTERRA essential oils. You see, a few months ago I made the decision to build an arm of my business centered around educating others about the life-changing properties of essential oils.

Why? Because I wholeheartedly believe they should be in every home. Those little bottles of oily goodness have completely transformed my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness and my whole family now uses them on a daily basis. 

But what I never expected was for the oils to have such an impact on my business and financial freedom. 


Let's travel back in time a little... 

I've been creating my own business for a little under 5 years now, and for the most part I've loved it. However there have also been many times where I was faced with disappointment, frustration, crippling fear and exhaustion. 

That's where I found myself around 6 months ago. I was right in the middle of yet another launch cycle for my coaching programs and my heart wasn't in it. I was tired of pushing and striving to get people signed up. It didn't feel good anymore. In truth, it hadn't felt good for a long while. The trouble is, when you have poured your heart and soul into something for 5 years it is terrifying to consider it no longer fits. 

Yet something needed to change. 

So, right in the middle of that launch, I sat in meditation and I asked a very simple question... 

"If not this, then what?".

There was no immediate flash of inspiration but in that moment I surrendered. I committed to following my intuition, even if I had no idea where it was leading me. 

A few days later and I stumbled across a Facebook live by one of my favourite mentors Tara Bliss. Tara was talking about her journey with doTERRA and something inside me lit up. I had been considering getting my hands on the oils to manage some health concerns, but I had no idea about building an essential oils business. 

I couldn't shake it. Suddenly doTERRA was popping up everywhere and I knew I was being called to find out more. So despite all my objections (I'm not salesy, network marketing = ugh) I reached out to Tara. The second we jumped on a Skype call together, I knew I was in the right place. Tara was so full of passion for what she was co-creating through her doTERRA business - for the incredible, changemaking women she was partnering with. 

I realised that this was the answer to the call I had put out to the universe. It offered everything I had been trying to cultivate through my coaching business: 

  • A sense of purpose
  • Impact
  • Sisterhood
  • Residual income 

I cried when I watched a youtube video Tara sent about doTERRA's co-impact sourcing strategy. I was so overwhelmed by how much opportunity there was to make a difference. 


What I love most about this company is its heart. doTERRA is built entirely on service and collaboration. How awesome is that? It's a far cry from how I witnessed business being done in my former corporate days.  

And the sisterhood... where do I even start with this one? From the moment I made a decision to step into sharing the oils, I have been fully supported by some of the most incredible women I have ever known. Let me tell you, after 5 years of trying to do everything alone, knowing I have a tribe of women to lift me up when I need them, is just THE BEST. 

That's the truth about this business - we are all in it together. It really is the best business model out there. Anyone can create their own doTERRA business, all it takes is a desire to serve others and a commitment to do the work. In the 3 months I have been a part of doTERRA, I have gone through some of the most healing and transformative shifts ever, it's the ultimate personal development journey. 

There is unlimited opportunity to have an impact. My favourite day of the month is the 1st because I get to celebrate each of the beautiful women in my team for what they achieved that month. It's not about status - with each rank advance comes a wider impact. More homes touched by the power of nature's medicine, more women finding financial freedom and changing the lives of their families. 

I've never sold a bottle of essential oils because that's really not what it's about.  When I teach a class or sit down for a 1:1, I am simply facilitating an experience (because that's what these oils are) and empowering others to take control of their own wellness through natural solutions.

These oils and this business are providing an opportunity for people to rise up and step into their light. To tune into their purpose and live their best life. 

I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. I am already changed completely through what I am co-creating. 

Consciousness + Collaboration for the win. 

If you are feeling the pull to explore doTERRA for yourself, shoot me an email and we can have a chat.