Tracking the Seasons | Scenes from my Daily Walk

File 16-11-2017, 20 26 42.jpeg

Getting out into nature is medicine for my soul, and yet, it's something that often gets pushed to the bottom of my priority list. This autumn I set the intention to get out and walk more - we are lucky enough to have a beautiful nature reserve right on our doorstep so there's really no excuse! 

This morning I wrapped up warm, donned my walking boots and headed out. Within minutes I could feel myself relaxing and releasing all I had been holding onto so tightly. I always used to listen to music or a podcast whilst walking but today I had nothing but my thoughts and the chirp of the birds for company. 

File 16-11-2017, 20 53 53.jpeg

The bright red Hawthorne berries lined the path and the morning sun was low in the sky, it was glorious. Walking is a form of meditation for me, it's how I clear my head and get back into my body. Walking by myself is a completely different experience to walking the dogs - they can be quite a handful so slipping out for a walk without them is a simple pleasure. 

I've decided to capture a little of my daily walks on video and track how the landscape changes with each season.