Surprising ways essential oils have changed my life

essential oils changed my life.png

I remember so clearly the day my Home Essentials kit arrived.

As I pulled those 10 little bottles of oil from the box, I was excited but also a little sceptical. Back when I was at uni, I’d bought a bottle of Lavender from the health food store in an effort to help me cope with the stress of finals. It didn’t work.

And now here I was, with a new collection of essential oils that I hadn’t even sampled, but had purchased because I had simply ran out of other options. 5 years of dealing with a hormone condition that left me in pain and unable to live my life for months at at a time had worn me down. All of the medications I was prescribed only made me feel worse. In all honesty, I had almost given up hope of finding a solution and then I stumbled across a study about the endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals that are in our homes and the effect they have. I was curious and after some research I decided it was worth trying to swap some of the more toxic products in my home for natural alternatives.

Enter essential oils. I’ll be honest, I pretty much thought of them as a “hippy” thing, maybe they would smell nice but I failed to see how they could do much more than that.

That was until I opened the first bottle, Peppermint, and realised there was something special about that little guy. As I removed the cap and held the bottle under my nose, my entire posture changed. I maybe didn’t quite realise what was happening at the time, only that I felt different but it’s the same effect I’ve seen many times since. Every time I teach a workshop and someone experiences Peppermint for the first time. Their shoulders drop, their jaw relaxes, and they sit up a little straighter as their airways open and their breath deepens.

Fast forward 3 years and those beautiful oils are now the foundation of my wellness routines. I use them 20-30 times a day - from a drop of lemon in my morning cup of warm water, to my skincare oils. They are in the supplements I take, my cleaning products, shampoo. I intuitively choose oils for my personal fragrance each day. I cook with them and I diffuse them in my home all day long.

Here’s the thing… they have completely changed my physical and emotional health, but their effects don’t end there.

I’m in tune with my body

After years fighting my body, berating it for not working in the way I wanted it to as I dealt with infertility, I am now in a place where I can say I am in tune with my body. The oils have reconnected me with her, and deepened my awareness of what she needs. My diet is healthier, I move more and I know when to slow down.

I’m more connected to nature

It would be almost impossible to incorporate pure plant medicine into your life and not feel more connected to mama nature. These oils, plant essences, really are a gift of the earth and getting to know them and the trees, flowers, seeds and roots from which they originate has opened my eyes to the true beauty of nature.

I’ve rediscovered my feminine energy

I grew up in an environment where I was told that as a female, I could go and do anything I wanted but that it would require me to hide my more feminine traits. In fact I was once told by a boss that if I wanted to get anywhere in my career I needed to behave more like a man (story for another day!). Working with the oils (especially Jasmine, Rose and Neroli) has helped me to reconnect to my feminine energy and remember that connection, empathy, nurturing, and sensuality are as much a part of who I am as drive, focus, and assertiveness.

I’m self-empowered

Let me just say that I really don’t like all of the current marketing rhetoric that gets thrown around when it comes to empowerment. The whole concept is becoming heavily diluted but the truth is, essential oils have made me the leader of my own health again.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for pharmaceutical medicine, I’m actually immensely grateful to have access to quality healthcare when I need it but I do also believe that no-one knows my body like I do. Knowing I have a toolkit of natural, safe and effective solutions on hand at all times really does give me confidence in taking personal responsibility for my own health needs.

I’ve found my community

One of the beautiful things about doTERRA is the community of conscious women who naturally gather around the oils. I’ve found life-long friends through doTERRA. I get the joy of bringing women together in community to share and learn about the oils and through purchasing oils for my own health, I’m part of a movement that is changing the world, truly.

I never could have guessed all of the ways that essential oils and doTERRA as an organisation could change my life, and I’m continuously grateful to have been introduced to them. If you want to learn more about how they may be able to support you, head here.

*Note - All views expressed here are my own personal experience and anything I share is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.