Essentials Oils for Emotional Support

Essential oils don’t just support us on a physical level, they also help us in releasing emotional trauma, getting out of our head and into our heart, connecting more deeply with our feelings, and releasing things from the past so that we can live more freely in the present moment.

In fact, using Essential Oils to support my emotional and spiritual wellness, is one of my favourite ways to use them. And there is nothing new in this approach - the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Indians used essential oils for rituals and religious practices, recognising the oils’ ability to influence human feelings.

There is real science behind this approach too. When we experience an oil aromatically, the scent is processed through the brain’s olfactory system which is linked to the limbic system., the area of our brain that deals with emotions. At this point, the limbic system produces a direct response to the aroma, meaning that we can use Essential Oils to produce responses that can be used to enhance our well-being and manage emotions.

According to one of my favourite Essential Oil Resources; ‘Emotions and Essential Oils; A modern resource for Healing’, Essential Oils support healing in 5 stages;

  1. Healing the Physical Body
  2. Healing the Heart
  3. Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  4. Increase Spiritual awareness and connection
  5. Inspire the fulfilment of our life’s purpose

So many of us are wandering through life feeling stuck, frustrated and heavy. We let self-doubt and fear rule and we are on the verge of burnout and overwhelm. In a world that is constantly switched on, it's hard to tune out the noise. 

But here's the truth: If we want to live a life that is aligned, vibrant and lit up (and who doesn't?), we have to shift our energy. We have to let go of past trauma, move through the fear and make space for the things that bring us joy. 

That’s where essential oils come in – not to cure or heal us (newsflash: there is nothing wrong with you)– but to support us in tuning out the noise, peeling back the layers of self-doubt, fear and expectation and reconnecting with our inner truth and peace.

Essential Oils help us to return home to ourselves

Here are some of my favourite doTERRA oils and blends to support emotional wellness... 

Anxiety and Fear

Peace (Reassuring Blend) - A beautiful blend of Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Labdanum and Spearmint. This blend encourages us to let go the need to control in order to experience inner and lasting peace. 

Serenity (Restful Blend) - A divine blend including Lavender, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Vanilla.This blend has a powerful effect on the mind and the heart. It invites us to let go of stress, anxiousness and overwhelm. It assists in quieting the mind and inviting calm. 

Wild Orange - The oil of abundance. Wild Orange is the oil to turn to if you are experiencing a lack mentality or have fears around money. It inspires abundance, fosters creativity, and supports positive mood allowing us to let go of scarcity mindsets. It reminds us of the limitless supply found in nature. 

Exhaustion and Overwhelm 

Basil - This is the oil of renewal. It helps to counteract fatigue, low energy, being overwhelmed and unable to cope with stress. Basil may strengthen the adrenals and restore the body to its natural rhythms of sleep, activity and rest. 

Vetiver - The oil of centering and descent. Vetiver supports those of us who feel split between different priorities, people and activities. It is known to provide a calming, grounding effect on emotions.

Anger, Frustration and Resentment

Cardamom - The oil of objectivity. Cardamom assists those of us who frequently feel frustrated or angry with others. It helps to bring balance, mental clarity and objectivity to situations of anger or frustration. It asks us to take personal ownership and responsibility for our feelings, releasing the need to blame others. 

Forgive (Renewing Blend) - A blend of herb and tree oils including Spruce, Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Arborvitae, Nootka Tree, Thyme and Citronella. This blend is particularly helpful for those that tend to look for the worst in others, rather than see the good. It challenges us to let go of bitterness, burdens, hostilities and embrace others. It reminds us to treat others the way we most want to be treated – with compassion and love.

Thyme - The oil of releasing and forgiving. Thyme is a powerful emotional cleanser and assists in addressing trapped feelings which have been buried for a long time. It helps us to deal with unresolved negativity and toxic emotions such as anger, resentment and rage which cause our heart to remain closed. Thyme helps us to receive love and offer forgiveness, so that we are free to move forward. 

Feeling stuck or trapped

Cypress - The oil of motion and flow. This powerful oil creates energetic flow. Cypress works int he heart and mind creating flexibility and teaches the soul to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life. It invites us to step out of our own way and allow life to flow freely. 

Ginger - The oil of empowerment.Ginger encourages us to be fully present and participate in life. It supports us in releasing feelings of helplessness and encourages us to take responsibility for our own life. 

Passion (Inspiring Blend) - A gorgeous blend of Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Clove, Jasmine, Vanilla and Sandalwood. This is the oil for those who are looking to ignite their inner passion, confidently face their fears and break free from the limitations they place on themselves. 


Bergamot - The oil of self-acceptance. Bergamot relieves feelings of despair, self-judgment and low self-esteem. it awakens the soul to hope and offers courage to share the inner self. It teaches us to let go of self-judgments by learning to love ourselves unconditionally. 

Geranium - The oil of love and trust.  Geranium softens anger and assists in healing emotional wounds. It helps us to open our heart so that love may flow freely. 

Grapefruit - The oil of honouring the body. Grapefruit encourages a positive relationship with the body based on love, tolerance and acceptance. It teaches us true respect and appreciation for the physical body. 

A note on quality

Not all essential oils are made equal and many include fillers or synthetics even if they are labelled as pure. Only the highest quality certified therapeutic grade oils should be used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. To find out more about the oils I use, please take a look here.