Feeling stuck? Do these 3 things.


I've found the key to success. 

I know what you are thinking... that's pretty bold right? 

The thing is, so many of us spend our time looking for the 'magic cure'... the one thing that's going to bring us success (whatever that means for you). 

If we can just find/be/have/do that one thing, everything will work out. 

The money will flow. 

We'll be our perfect weight.

Our packages and offerings will be fully booked. 

The problem is we overcomplicate things. Everyday we are bombarded with Facebooks ads, emails and social media posts- all promising to have the answer. 

So we sign up to the programs, watch the videos and buy the miracle products. And for a while we might see results, but then things slip and we're right back where we started. 

The real key to making things happen in your life/business? 

Vision + Alignment + Action

It is genuinely as easy as these 3 steps: 

1. Vision - The first obstacle to creating what we desire, is not knowing what we actually want in the first place. There is a big distinction to be made here between what we genuinely want, and what others expect from us or have for themselves. 

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused I really suggest taking some time to think about what it is you really want. Close your eyes and think about your ideal day. Don't put any filters on it, don't worry about what is possible. Just let yourself dream and feel into what feels good to you.

2. Alignment -  Once you have clarity on what you are trying to create (whether it's in your work/business, health, relationship, finances), you need to get into alignment with the energy of it. 

Some people skip this step but it's the key to the whole formula.When we are in tune with the vibration of what we want, we open ourselves up to receiving it. 

If you listened to my recent podcast episode with Ellie Seilern you'll have heard us chat about our daily Conscious creation Practice, and I recommend you try it. It works like this: 

Each month you write out exactly how you want your month to flow in the present tense. e.g. "My calendar is fully booked with clients. They flow to me effortlessly". Then you read it every single day (and update it as things manifest!). 

3. Action - It doesn't stop there though, it's not enough to simply write down what you desire and expect it to fall into your lap. The final piece of the puzzle is taking inspired action. The awesome thing is that when you are in full alignment with your vision, the right action comes far more easily. And that's where the magic happens. 

Because this is the truth: success comes through consistent action. It's that simple.