Focusing on what matters

Do something today that your future self will be thankful for

Have you seen that quote popping up on Instagram lately? It's been doing the rounds for a while but I never really stopped to think about it. 

I'm very much a believer in staying grounded in the present moment. Sure, I set intentions for my future but I try not to get too hung up on them. Things are shifting a little lately. As I get deeper into the essential oils lifestyle, I'm becoming far more conscious of how my choices today can impact on my future. 

@@Time and health are our most valuable assets because they can't be replaced@@ And honestly, my health choices haven't exactly been in alignment with my ideal life vision. Too much focus on building a business for the past 6 years and not enough focus on self-care. The awesome thing about essential oils is that as I add them into my daily routine, there is less room for the non-serving stuff. The changes I am making now will have a lasting impact on my health and wellness. 

It spills over into my business too - as my team grows, so too does my residual income. For the last 5 years, it has been a continuous process of launching. Some months I only just muddled through, other months I exceeded my income goals - but there has been no real income growth or financial stability. Planning for the future seemed impossible.

Now that's changing. As I expand my network and grow my essential oils team, I'm scaling my business. And the best bit? It's collaborative. I'm partnering with other women who have the same vision - to change lives and create financial freedom for themselves and their families. We are rising together. 


In the light of a new moon this weekend and with the start of a new month, I sat down to write out my gratitudes and intentions and was guided to pull a card for the week. 

Be happy now.

Don't be so focused on where you are headed that you miss out on where you are now. Where you are is perfect. Appreciating what you have opens the door for more opportunites and abundance. Be here now in the knowledge that what you do today will take care of your future. 

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