Mastering your mindset and dealing with resistance - FTFR S2,Ep.14


Welcome to this week's episode of Free to Flourish Radio!

I have declared May as the month to master your mindset and in this episode I'm sharing how to overcome fear and resistance. Tune into learn:

  1. My 4 step process for recognising and moving past resistance
  2. How to tell the difference between fear and your intuition

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Your consciousness is a powerful tool. If you don’t believe you can have the thing you desire, it shows up as resistance, despite all the things you are doing to try and achieve your goals.

Resistance can manifest itself in various forms - fear, doubt, anxiety, procrastination, self-sabotage, worry, distraction, numbing out, escaping, avoiding, self-criticism, anger, boredom.

Where in your life are you experiencing resistance. Where are you self sabotaging? And more importantly, what can you do about it. 

1. Get honest with yourself

Ask yourself: What limiting thought, belief, or pattern of behavior am I currently holding onto that is standing in the way of my desire? What story do I keep telling myself or others that affirms the current position I’m in?

Take 100 percent responsibility for being the powerful creator that you are.

2. Stop the self judgement

Often we experience resistance because we judge ourselves as not capable/deserving/worthy enough to have what we desire. 

When we learn to recognise self-judgment and release it, we are better able to move forward with achieving our goals. 

3. Change your expectation

Are you resisting because your expected outcome seems to improbable, too huge? Shift your expectations. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. 

4. Break down what you need to do into tiny steps

How can you make reaching your goals less daunting? 

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