FTFR 47 | 5 steps to gaining momentum in your life


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This week I'm riffing on how to gain momentum in your life. 

Tune in to learn:

- The 5 keys to creating momentum
- My personal alignment practice
- The number one thing holding you back from reaching your goals

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Do you go through your day reacting to whatever comes up, or do you take ownership for your day? That’s really what I want to talk about today. 

You see, one of the things the women who come to me for coaching are looking for help with - is how to stay on track with their goals and not get so distracted. It’s hard, right? We all have our own responsibilities and we all have our own form of self-sabotage. So in this episode, I want to share a few things that can really help you to be more productive.  

  1. Own your day
  2. Stop being a slave to your inbox (and social media!)
  3. Get aligned with your vision every day
  4. Take consistent and focused action
  5. Own your evening routine 

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  • What would my next level day look and feel like? 
  • How do I self-sabotage my success? 
  • What could be different if I took ownership of my day?