FTFR 48 | Your questions answered! Starting a business and more.

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Free to Flourish Radio is a weekly podcast designed to inspire and empower you to live a heart-led life.

This week I'm answering your questions on running a small business, entrepreneurship and life coaching.

Tune in to learn:

- How I got started with my business
- My practices for staying motivated and productive
- My top tips on becoming a life coach
- What a typical day in my life looks like

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Gemma Sands is an Alignment Coach, Meditation teacher and Wellness advocate for smart, heart-centered women who feel that they're meant to have bigger, brighter, more meaningful lives than the one they're currently living. Visit www.gemmasands.co.uk for more details

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Join the Instagram tribe: www.instagram.com/gemmalsands

Get your questions answered live on Instagram: gemmasands.co.uk/weekly-q-a