Full Moon Ritual


The full moon is a powerful time, there is an abundance of positive energies that support us and it's the perfect time to release anything that stands in the way of co-creating your vision, or any aspects of your life/intentions that you have outgrown. In short, this is the time to get back in alignment. 

To do this we must be committed to becoming honest, vulnerable and exposed with ourselves. We must be brave enough to own our truth and look within. 

The full moon is the perfect time to celebrate the magic you have manifested into your life — the intentions that have come into form. It’s also a time for detoxing, purging and energetic clearing.

I love to make a ritual of this and set aside an hour to really dig deep in my heart. There is something about a ritual that allows us to feel more connected and in touch with ourselves and the world around us.  Today I'm sharing my personal ritual with you, along with some suggested journaling prompts to help you explore what you need to release. 

My Full Moon Ritual

Step one : clear the energy

As the full moon is all about releasing, I like to start by clearing my energy and the energy of my environment. One way to do this is by smudging sage - an ancient cleansing technique from the Native American tradition for removing negativity and for healing.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Sage so I use a homemade essential oil spray, which I lightly spray around my space and myself. 

My favourite blend for 15ml glass spray bottle: 

  • 5 drops of Lemongrass (oil of cleansing)
  • 5 drops of Tea Tree/Melaleuca (oil of energetic boundaries)
  • 2 drops of White Fir (oil of generational healing)
  • Top with distilled water and shake

Other oils you could use: 

Cilantro - facilitates emotional cleansing and releasing control

Basil - the oil of renewal, helpful for clearing negative habits

Thyme - empties the soul of negativity and promotes releasing and forgiving. 

Step two: choose a crystal to work with

You may wish to choose a crystal to work with for this ritual. You can hold this crystal as you write or meditate, place it under your pillow or beside your bed while you sleep, or carry it in your pocket to help you stay focused and anchor into your intentions for the month. 

If you used crystals to set new moon intentions, now is a great time to cleanse them. Arrange your crystals on a plate or tray and place them in the moonlight. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, set them on a windowsill. Leave the crystals to bathe in the moonlight overnight and then bring them back in first thing in the morning. 

Some ideas for crystals to use at the full moon: 

  • Selenite
  • Moonstone
  • Labradorite
  • Smoky Quartz

Step three: Meditation 

Now is the perfect time to meditate on anything that you need to release, and to shine a light on anything that needs to be illuminated. 

This is my favourite full moon meditation.  

Step four: Journaling 

Grab your journal and a pen and dig deep. You can download my favourite new moon journaling prompts below. 



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