Getting back to the basics

Do you ever notice the ebb and flow of life? I'm one of those people who is wildly affected by the seasons, especially when it comes to creativity. In summer and winter I find myself stepping back, retreating. But as we head into spring or autumn, I seem to burst out of my cave with a fierceness to share and create.

Through October, I've been taken over by inspiration. I'm mostly to be found filling notebooks with ideas, words and insights.

I'm fuelled by a desire to:

1. Simplify. Strip back to what really matters. 

2. Connect deeply. With you. With myself. With Source. 

Do you remember the days when we used to blog, simply because we had stories that needed to be shared? I recently had the realisation that I have been doing this blogging thing, in one form or another, for almost 10 years. Seriously. 

It started because I wanted a way to express myself. I was at university and trying to figure out my place in this world, and blogging allowed me to share my thoughts and connect with others who were having the same struggles and celebrations. 

I had no idea that what started as simple words on a site hardly anyone ever read, would lead me to ultimately start this business I have today.

I had no clue that sharing my story would help others to heal, discover themselves and create life by their own design. 

And I certainly didn’t know that through blogging I would ‘meet’ some of the best people in this world. 

I miss those old days of blogging. When I used to write like no-one was reading (mostly because no-one was) and I was never short of inspiration because I was simply sharing what was on my heart. Long before the days of sales funnels and content marketing. 

Lately, I have the burning desire to throw all the things I have been told about blogging out of the window. To stop planning content based on what will get the most shares on social media, or resonate most with potential clients. To break the 'rules' a little.

I want to share my heart with you, here in this space. Real. Raw. Unfiltered. With one aim - to connect deeply through expressing my creative spirit. 

What can you expect? Less words but more often. Thoughts and ramblings. Life lessons. I'll still be sharing recipes and wellness inspiration but with more 'from the heart' posts thrown in too. My weekly Love Notes will be getting a makeover (if you're on the list look out for details on Sunday). 

I'm so excited about getting back to the heart of blogging.