Savouring May - A seasonal guide


May is the month when the landscape comes alive, when the slow hibernation of winter dissolves and fresh green leaves and beautiful white and pink blossom appear everywhere. Hawthorne fills the hedgerows with it's abundant white blooms. 

Historically, May is associated with fertility and growth, and is the beginning of the Celtic Summer: the light season of the year.  So this is the perfect time to plant the seeds of your vision. Set your intentions this month for all that you want to create in the rest of 2018. Next week's New Moon (8th May) is the perfect time to do this, harness it's renewing energy as you declare all you are calling in. Click here for my New Moon intention setting ritual. 

Seasonal living in May

In the garden

After the risk of frost has passed this month, it's the time to get sowing seeds and planting out seedlings from the greenhouse. 

  • Sow French beans, runner beans, squash, cucumbers and pumpkin seeds directly into prepared beds outside. Be alert to late frosts.

  • Sow cauliflowers and purple sprouting broccoli for harvesting next winter.

  • After all risk of frost has passed, plant out tomatoes, courgettes and pumpkins that were previously sown under cover.

  • Earth up potatoes when the shoots are 23cm (9in) high, in order to prevent the new tubers going green. Earthing-up is the drawing up of soil around the stems of the plants, leaving just 5cm (2in) of shoot uncovered so that the plant has enough foliage to continue growing.

Rituals for May

  • Make flower crowns using flowers foraged from hedgerows.

  • Decorate your sacred space with greenery, flowers and bright crystals to represent the abundance of May.

  • Write down your intentions and bury them in your garden to represent sowing the seeds of your vision.

  • Listen to the Savouring May playlist.

Seasonal eating in May

In season

  • In the vegetable patch you will find asparagus, peas, broad beans, radish, chives, young spinach and globe artichoke.

  • New potatoes are entering the height of their season.

  • Rhubarb is still in abundance and strawberries begin to make an appearance.




This brief but delicious crop begins to make an appearance in the vegetable plot this month.

Asparagus is best prepared simply, try it steamed gently or lightly boiled for just a few minutes. I love adding mine to egg dishes or tossing it in good quality olive oil and salt and roasting for 20 minutes in the oven.

Essential oils for May

Clary Sage

The oil of clarity and vision. Traditionally, Clary Sage is used to support fertility and balance overall hormone health. Emotionally, it assists us in tuning into our unique vision. Use this month to anchor into your intentions. 

Wild Orange

The oil of abundance. Wild Orange represents the infinite stream of abundance we can always tap into. It's uplifting ans energising properties are perfect for this time of year, as we 'wake up' from winter. 


The oil of motion and flow. Cypress is the perfect companion for this month as we plant the seeds of intention. Use cypress to increase flow in your life and help you get into a state of doing rather than being. 

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