What does your ideal Life look like?

Today I'm excited to share with you an exercise I use a lot with my coaching clients. 

I seem to end up working with clients across two camps: 

1.  Purpose-driven women who know that they want to start or grow their own business and need some support in doing so

2. Women who want to reconnect with themselves, make change in their life or dream of doing something more purposeful but don't yet know what that looks like

Whichever camp a client falls into, one thing is essential for them to move forward.... clarity. Unless we know were we want to head and why, things will always stay the same. I love it when a client comes to me confused and leaves a session with a clear idea of where they are headed. 

Below you will find one of my favourite tools to help you cut through the overwhelm and fear, and start focusing on living life by your own design. Enjoy! 

Ideal life guided visualisation & workbook

You can access both the audio visualisation and the workbook below (no opt-in required!)

The key to the exercise is to really let yourself have fun with it, relax and go with what comes up for you - don't make any judgments or get sucked into focusing on how practical something seems. 

Step 1: Listen to the guided visualisation

Find a comfy spot, pop in some headphones, close your eyes and let yourself daydream!

Step 2: Download the Ideal Life Workbook

Take some time to record your thoughts based on your visualisation and work through the exercises to gain clarity!