Imagine what life would look like...

If you got out of your own way. 

If you dropped the self-sabotage. 

If you let yourself lean into where you are being guided to go. 

At the beginning of the month I set a big intention for my business. It's an awesome goal because reaching it will mean that so many lives will be impacted. As I set my intention, I first went deep into my why. 

Why do I want to achieve this? 

But really, why? 

I kept on digging until I was completely tuned-in to why achieving this goal is important to me. I was feeling into it, visualising how it would feel to get there. 

So I set my intention and wrote it in my journal. 

I didn't share it with anyone. I kept it to myself because imagine what everyone would think if I didn't hit my goal? 


That moment of self-sabotage. Before I even started taking action towards my goal, I was already in an energy of 'it might not happen'. And guess what? I've spent the last couple of weeks taking plenty of action in my business but nothing that was going to directly help me reach my goal. 

"I'll just listen to one more podcast and then I'll be ready"

"I need to rewrite all my website copy before I reach out to people" 

"Maybe I should use this week to plan and visualise, and then start on Monday".


This week I decided to call time on all of my BS, so I messaged my team and let them know what my intention is. It was uncomfortable - "what if they think I'm crazy for aiming so high?"

They didn't. They sent support. They added my goal to their vision board to hold space for me. 

Putting my intention out there, shifted the energy. It told the universe I'm serious about this. I'M ALL IN. I'm commited to pushing through all the uncomfortable feelings to reach my goal because it's important. Because of that why that is driving this intention. 

And the universe has seen my commitment and has shown up to meet me. 

Opportunities to teach and share and empower others have suddenly opened up. People are coming to me to find out more about what I have to offer. Resources to help me have appeared in my life. 

So let me ask you - are you all in? Are you showing up or self-sabotaging? 

What would life look like if you just got out of your own damn way? 


Gemma xo