Notes on the energy of change, patience + following your intuition


I don't know about you but I've been feeling such a strong energy of change these last couple of months - like I'm on the verge of something great and yet it's just out of my grasp. 

Nothing stays the same. Everything changes.

I'm riding the wave with as much patience as I can muster, trusting that everything will become clear in perfect timing. That's the thing with following your intuition - you don't get to pick and choose when to go along with it. Following your intuition means leaning into the tiny whispers of your heart, even when you don't know where they are leading you. 

For months, I had the feeling I needed to course-correct but I was scared to, mostly because I didn't know what the alternative path was. I talk a lot about surrendering to our intuition and letting it lead the way - it's what I call heart-led living. It doesn't mean sitting around and waiting for everything to fall into your lap. No, when I talk about surrendering I mean being so tuned into your inner guide that you are open to the signposts, and willing to follow them no matter what. 

In truth, I didn't fully understand that until more recently. In the past, I would often tell myself I was surrendering to the flow whilst still clinging onto my plans with my fingernails. Never fully releasing my grip. 

A couple of months ago, I was so tired of feeling like I was swimming upstream that in the midst of my morning meditation practice I made a prayer. 

"Ok universe, help me to let go of my attachment to the life I have been trying so hard to create. Show me what it is I am here to do - how I am here to serve. If not this, then what?"

So simple and yet so powerful. In that moment something in my heart opened and everything took on a new perspective. Over the following weeks, signs began to appear and although it is not the path I expected I am putting one foot in front of the other and trusting that in doing so I will learn whatever it is I need to. 

Yesterday, after a call with one of my mentors about an opportunity to collaborate on something amazing, I looked up at the vision board above my desk. I must have looked at it hundreds of times but this time something was different. I realised that so many of the things on that board (things I have been working towards for months and even years) are being cultivated. 

No pushing. No striving. Just being in alignment, following my intuition and taking aligned actions. 


Around here (a life update)

Consolidation + Alignment

As things have been unfolding for me, I have been feeling really called to simplify. You may know that in addition to this blog, I have also been sharing content over on my personal blog Wild Spirit Living. At the time it felt right to separate the personal stuff from my business, but the reality is that the two are completely entwined. The lessons I learn in my personal life, my wellness journey and spiritual practices completely inform my coaching business. 

So I've decided to close the doors on Wild Spirit Living. Which means, I'll be sharing some different content here - recipes, thoughts on wellness and lifestyle posts will be intertwined with posts about my personal life experiences and of course Podcast episodes. 

The deepest stuff will still be reserved for my weekly Love Notes - I love connecting with you guys by email each week. 

It also means that there will be some changes to the look and feel of the site too - it's going to take a little while to put together but stay tuned!

Intentional Social Media 

I've also decided to realign my social media presence. Instead of trying to be everywhere and duplicating content, I'm choosing to focus on the places I love to be - Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook

I love sharing pictures so you'll find me on Instagram daily. Despite the excitement of Instagram Stories, i love the vibe of Snapchat so you can hang out there with me for mini vlogs and peeks into my day. 

And Facebook is where I will be sharing thoughts, articles and things that pique my interest. 

Focus on wellness

For the remainder of the year my health is taking priority. I'll be sharing more about that and the changes I am making to my lifestyle in future posts, but I've decided I need to get serious about my whole wellbeing. 

So that's what has been going on for me lately. Now over to you - I'd love to know what you are experiencing. Your wins. Challenges. Ways I can support you. Leave me a comment and let me know!