Midweek Gratitudes


Hey friends!

I've been thinking a lot about this space lately. Do you know I've been blogging for over 10 years?!  I still remember my very first blog, looking back it makes me cringe a little (well, alot!). These days blogging seems quite different and I have to admit that I've really lost my way with it. 

I often find myself torn between sharing more 'work' related content and having a space to document my personal journey. I've dabbled with separate blogs but it just feels too much, you know? The truth is, my work and personal life are completely intertwined so I don't want to separate them online either. 

So, the long and short of it is that I am reclaiming my online home and returning to blogging whatever the hell I want to, because that's what authentic to me. What does this all mean? Well, I'll still be sharing posts around essential oils, natural living, conscious business and alignment/purpose. But I'll also be throwing some more personal lifestyle type posts. 

Starting with this one. 

I'm taking some inspiration from 2 of my favourite bloggers, Lucy and Peta and I'm sharing a few things that I'm grateful for and that have made me happy lately. 

File 25-10-2017, 10 11 19.jpeg
File 25-10-2017, 10 11 44.jpeg

1. Finding a lovely dog groomer for Florence and Ralph - This is a small thing that makes a big difference to us. Both Flo and Ralph have their challenges (part of having rescue dogs) and we've never been able to find a groomer that we've been totally happy with. But that all changed last week, they both actually enjoyed being pampered which takes away some of my dog-mama guilt. 

2. Homemade Oat and Quinoa Flapjacks - I rarely make time for baking these days so it was nice to spend some time at the weekend rustling up some flapjacks. I would share the recipe but I pretty much made it up, they were delicious though so will definitely try and make them again.

3. Workshops and retreat -  Something I'm super grateful for this week is collaborating on a workshop with my lovely friend and Yoga teacher, Amy. We are gratefully booked out for the first date so we've added a second workshop which is exciting! I also launched my January retreat day which I'm super excited about. 

4. Setting aside time each day to work with the moon cycle - If you've followed me over the last couple of years you will know that I love working with the moon to set my intentions each month. I recently bought the beautiful book, Moonology and I've been loving tracking the moon and applying it to my personal rhythms and cycles. Very insightful!

5. Autumn sunshine - We've had quite a lot of grey days here but there have been snippets of sunshine that have made me happy. My desk is near the window in my office and I love sitting there on a morning with the sunlight peeking through. 

6. Plant friends - I picked up a couple of cute little succulents for my office this week. I'm not much of a houseplant person but the little splashes of green make me happy. What's made you happy this week?