New Moon Essential Oil Blend

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The New Moon is a time of beginnings. It is a time of embracing new projects, ideas, plans, thoughts, relationships and the changes we wish to invite into our lives. It is a time of planting the seeds of intentions. The New Moon offers us a place to start over and it brings a clarity with it. 

This is the time to get clear on your vision and set your intentions.

I've shared my New Moon ritual before, but this month I've decided to go deeper and create an essential oil blend to support my intentions. It's such a beautiful practice to select the oils you feel intuitively drawn to and blend them together.

Simply pick the oils that best support your intention, and top them with fractionated coconut oil (or your preferred carrier oil) in a 10ml roller bottle. I work with 20 drops of oil to a 10ml bottle, however dilute more if you have particularly sensitive skin or want to use it with children. 

New Moon Intention Blend

5 drops Clary Sage

2 drops Ginger

5 drops Wild Orange

5 drops Frankincense

3 drops Cypress

Clary Sage 

The oil of clarity & vision. Clary Sage encourages us to open up to new ideas and perspectives. It helps us to receive intuitive guidance and determine what is true for us. 

Affirmation - Nurturing energy surrounds me


The oil of empowerment. Ginger empowers us to take complete responsibility for our life. It helps us to let go of waiting for outside circumstances to change and choose our own destiny. Ginger also activates our intuitive skills. 

Affirmation - I can do all things with love and ease

Wild Orange

The oil of abundance. Wild Orange inspires abundance and creativity. It guides us to let go of a lack mentality and trust that what we call in will flow to us. 

Affirmation - Prosperity abounds in my life. Abundance flows to me with ease. 


The oil of truth. Frank aligns us with our higher consciousness. It heightens our awareness and raises our vibration whilst reminding us we are loved and protected.  

Affirmation - I am aligned with the vibrations of love and kindness.  


The oil of motion and flow. Cypress creates energetic flow and teaches us to be flexible. It encourages us to release control of the outcome, choosing to trust in the flow of life. 

Affirmation - I release my grip and allow things to unfold for my higher good.

PS - The beautiful moon stickers are from this lovely Etsy shop