New Moon Ritual


The New Moon is a time of beginnings. It is a time of embracing new projects, ideas, plans, thoughts, relationships and the changes we wish to invite into our lives. It is a time of planting the seeds of intentions. The New Moon offers us a place to start over and it brings a clarity with it. 

This is the time to get clear on your vision and set your intentions. As with the Full Moon, I like to tune into the energy of the New Moon with a little ritual...

New Moon Ritual 

1. Set the Scene

The New Moon is all about clarity and visioning so I like to make sure I have everything I need before I get started. I'll brew a cup of tea, gather my journal and a pen and settle somewhere comfortable. 

I also like to gather a couple of things that help me to anchor into my vision: 

Crystals - Clear Quartz for energetic cleansing, Amethyst to enhance intuition or Citrine for manifestation. 

Essential Oils - Clary Sage (the oil of clarity and vision), Wild Orange (the oil of abundance) and Roman Chamomile (the oil of spiritual purpose). 


2. Review last month's intentions

Now is the time to check-in with yourself and get aligned. I look back over my intentions for the past month and reflect on what has manifested, and what hasn't. Then I lovingly let go of anything that no longer feels like the right fit. I also take the time to practice gratitude for all the abundance that flows to us daily. 


3. Set new intentions

Next I spend time in meditation, this looks different each month - some months it means sitting in silence, other months I use a guided meditation to tune into my vision. Click here to access my Ideal Life Guided Visualisation

Then I take my journal and dig into my vision. Below you'll find my favourite prompts. Or you could try writing out your ideal day... get really descriptive and tune into the feelings behind it. 




Keeping your intentions somewhere you will see them everyday help you to stay aligned. Set up an altar or sacred space at home (a shelf or corner of a room is fine) with crystals that support your intention, candles, fresh flowers, oracle/angel cards and anything else that you gravitate to. Place your written intentions under your crystals to amplify the power of the intention.

The key is to visit your sacred space every day and tune into your intentions. Every morning I review my intentions, ask for guidance then follow my intuition to take inspired actions. 

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