How to use a quiz to grow your business

Do you remember the days when you used to flick through a magazine and stumble across a personality quiz? I used to love circling my answers and discovering what type of friend I am or what my dream man will be like.


The truth is, we all love getting a little insight into who we are but have you ever considered using a quiz to grow your business? 

In the 7 years I have been running my own business I have tried MANY different techniques to build my email list (and therefore my client base), some have been successful but all have required a heap of work - creating content (e-books etc), designing a landing page, promoting my lead magnet everywhere. 

Also, I've never been able to shake the feeling that I'm bribing someone to join my email list. Even though my lead magnets have always provided value, the whole process seems impersonal and transactional. 

So when I came across Interact quizzes I was struck by how it could help me to grow and gain insight into my audience, but also give them a fun, personalised and rewarding experience.

So, how does it work?

Let me walk you through how to set up your first quiz...

Step 1: Plan out your quiz

Don't be tempted to skip this step - properly planning and mapping out your quiz will lead to greater success and a higher rate of sign-ups.

Start by thinking about who your target audience is and what their needs are. Then list out all the topics you can think of that will be relevant to your ideal subscriber. 

Once you have a list of ideas narrow it down to one that you can easily expand to create multiple personality types or results. 

Step 2: Choose your quiz type

Although I had a decent idea of what I was looking to create with my quiz, I was still quite overwhelmed with how to build it. One of the reasons I love using Interact is that it guides you through the process and provides lots of inspiration and templates to get you started. 

Firstly, you need to choose if you would like to start with a template or create a quiz from scratch. I'd recommend using a template for your first quiz as they are a great jumping off point and are fully customisable. 

Next, you can choose from different categories depending on your business type and Interact will show relevant templates. So for my quiz I chose Coaching and Health and Fitness. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 16.17.37.png

Interact offers 3 different quiz types and the one you choose will depend on the aim of your quiz (refer back to your answers for step 1!). 

Assessment - This is ideal for testing knowledge. E.g. How much do you know about email marketing?

Personality - Just like the quizzes I used to fill out in Cosmo, personality quizzes provide the user with a specific profile. E.g. What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Scored - With a scored quiz, the user receives a scored result depending on the answers they choose. E.g. What is your marketing IQ?

Step 3: Choose your template

Depending on the type of quiz you choose, you will now be presented with different templates to choose from. All templates are completely customisable from the content to the design, so I recommend choosing the closest to what you are looking to create. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 16.38.15.png

Step 4: Create your questions, answers and results

This is where we get into the core of your quiz. Each template comes populated with a range of questions that you can tweak, however I'd really encourage you to develop questions that fit with the aim of your quiz. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 16.40.45.png

My approach was to work out my results and then work backwards to create my questions. So I started by listing out the key areas of wellness that people want to focus on when they have a wellness consultation with me, and the oils that best support each area. 

I then mapped out questions and answers that fit with each result. 

This is the step that is most time-consuming but I do recommend taking your time to create relevant questions. The more accurate the quiz and results are, the more personal the experience will feel for your audience (which means more sign-ups to your list!). 

You will also want to think about using a Call-to-Action on your results page. Some ideas:

  • Direct your audience to a specific page on your website. This is a great opportunity to signpost them to a resource or blog post that supports them further and is tailored based on their specific quiz result. 
  • Direct them to a low-end offer (such as an e-book) that is relevant to their needs. If you have multiple offers, you can tailor which one they are guided to dependent on the result of their quiz. 
  • Send them to your website/blog/Facebook group etc. 

Resource: 50 Quiz Questions You Can Use

Step 5: Brand your quiz

This was a huge factor for me in choosing to create a quiz through Interact. I wanted it to reflect my brand and not look like it's from a third-party app, so that the whole process feels seamless for my audience. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 16.59.23.png

You can brand every element with your images, logo, fonts and colours to make it fit perfectly with your website and reflect your business. 

Step 6: Integrate with your email software

This is the techy part but don't worry, it's still really easy even if you're not a tech-wizard! You're guided through the process of linking to your email provider (see below), creating your opt-in form and setting actions depending on the results and answers generated by the quiz. 

For example, you could add a tag to a contact in your mailing list depending on how they answered one of your questions. Then in future, you can use that tag to send your subscriber targeted and relevant information. 

Interact integrates with the key email marketing, membership and marketing automation platforms. See the full list here. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 17.07.07.png

Step 7: Share your quiz

Now that your quiz is complete and integrated with your email provider, it's time to share it with the world. Interact provides a number of easy ways to do this including: 

  • Embedding on your website as a pop-up
  • Creating an announcement bar on your website
  • Creating a landing page for your quiz so you can link to it
  • Using your quiz in a Facebook ad

Tip: Consider the best places to share your quiz. It may not be relevant to share on all pages of your website, so choose the best location depending on what's most relevant to your audience. 

Resource: How to embed your quiz on any website

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 17.14.22.png

Once your quiz is live, you have access to a full range of analytics so you can tweak any aspect if needed. You could also create multiple quizzes for different audiences. 

If you want to try creating an Interact quiz for your own lead magnet, click here to learn more and sign up.