Natural remedies for seasonal threats


Ugh, that time of year again. Itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing, wheezing. Does anyone else struggle at this time of year?

Pollen particles contain a protein that may cause inflammation, irritation and swelling of the nasal passages, and can also affect the eyes and the throat. The The allergen causes the release of a substance known as an inflammatory mediator called histamine. It is the histamine that influences the symptoms in the body.

I’ve never been a fan of the over-the-counter solutions as they always leave me feeling drowsy so last year I decided to try some more natural remedies and I’m glad to say I found a few options that really worked to easy my discomfort.

Natural remedies for seasonal threats

Ginger Tea - Hot water with grated ginger and a splash of local organic honey helps to digest toxins and regulate digestion. It’s also super soothing for the throat.

Avoid Dairy - Dairy foods can produce mucus which can add to congestion.

Diffuse the seasonal trio - Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender are in my diffuser daily (equal drops of each). These 3 oils provide the perfect synergism of seasonal protection.

Peppermint helps to keep airways clear and support breathing. Lemon is cleansing to the body’s systems and frequently used for respiratory discomfort. Lavender is calming and balancing effects, both internally and externally.

TriEase softgels - Also based on this power house trio of oils, these capsules are a lifesaver for me. I love that they don’t make me drowsy and work to cleanse my body from the inside out.

Vitamin C - Studies suggest that vitamin C supplementation has an antihistamine effect. Vitamin C also plays a role in supporting the immune system.

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