Stepping in to the next level + gifts for you

launch 1.jpg

You may have noticed that things look a little different round here. I’ve been busy working on a new version of this space and I’m so excited to launch it today.

The rebranding process is always a funny one. To me it always feels like clearing out your wardrobe. Getting rid of what no longer fits, and making space for a deep, more evolved version of our truth.

So, here we are.

As I’ve become more certain of my vision and chosen to take ownership of it, I knew it mean that change was inevitable. It’s more than just a facelift - I’ve been called to put life into new offerings that allow me to work with you in a far deeper way than ever before.

Me + you.

I’m here to activate you into self-leadership so you can live out the truest, fullest expression of yourself. There’s a few new pathways for that…

doTERRA Essential Oils - I’m unapologetically inviting you to explore wha it mean to live the essentials oil lifestyle, and become the leader of your health. Truthfully, these beautiful bottles of pure plan extracts have changed everything for me, and the hundreds of homes impacted through my business. I really want you to give yourself this gift.

Coaching - Whilst most of my coaching and mentoring is reserved for my doTERRA team (join us here), it’s been on my heart to put some new ways of working together, out into the world.

You see, the main reason for stepping away from coaching was because I was so tired of the industry. Tired of the same cookie-cutter programs, messaging and fluff.

Coaching is powerful, when it’d done properly and I love creating a container for transformation with my clients, but I knew I wanted to create something that would facilitate real, lasting change.

I’m currently offering 2 very different and very unique opportunities to partner with me.


A gift for you.