The lie that keeps me from success

I've often joked about my amazing ability to talk myself out of doing things (or into doing things I know don't serve me).  

"Saying no is a good thing, it means I'm creating space in my life" 

"I run my own business so I can choose what I spend my time doing"

"It's been a tough day, I deserve to have that glass of wine"

"Freedom means not having to do what I don't want to"

I've talked myself out of partnerships, business opportunities, working with my dream clients, earning more income, experiencing more joy. 

Why? One word... 


Despite trying to mask my "no's" as a positive (spiritual, even) thing, the truth is that it actually smacks of self-sabotage. Fear keeping me playing small. 

This morning I stumbled across a Facebook live from one of my mentors, Jessie Reimers, and something she said really resonated. 

"It's about doing what you need to, when you need to even if you don't feel like it"

That's truth right there. 

It's about picking up the phone even if I am scared of the response I might get. It's inviting someone into my business, even if I'm afraid they might say no. It's showing up to teach a class even if I'm tired/hormonal/not in the mood. 

Of course, there are times when saying no is a matter of self-care - days when I know stepping back and tuning into my needs is the best thing. But it's easy to know when that is the case because it comes with an energy of self-compassion, not fear. 

Today, what do you need to do even if you don't feel like doing it?