This is no longer acceptable to me.


I've gone round in circles for the last week trying to figure out the best way to say what I want to share today, and I realised that there is only one way - from the heart. 

I don't feel ready to share my full journey with infertility yet, but what I will say is that one of the things I've found difficult is defining who I am and what I want my life to look like, without having the identity of being a mama attached to it. So I've jumped around trying to create a life that fills me up. 

I started my journey with doTERRA just over two years ago and it's been the most incredibly transformative experience. I've grown so much on a personal level and little by little a new vision for my life began to unfold.  

But, with that comes an apology. To you, and to myself. 

You see, I've been playing it small. Hiding out in the shadows and resisting the pull to really, truly, step into this and show up fully. 

And that, beautiful one, is no longer acceptable to me. 

There is a light within me that burns so strong, I sometimes feel like I might explode and I refuse to ignore it any longer. 

doTERRA is changing the way we think about and approach healthcare. The mission from the very beginning has been to make these beautiful bottles of plant medicine available to us, to you, so that each of us can take control of our own wellness. The next step in that mission is to redefine healthcare delivery through Prime Meridian clinics, where traditional and holistic methods are brought together in an integrated and patient-centered way. I mean, it makes my heart so happy (this is on a global scale by the way, the first clinic outside of the US will be opening this year). 

But there is another conscious, heart-opening piece to all of this. doTERRA is changing the way we think about and approach business. I've experienced the corporate business model, and I've experienced traditional small business ownership but the network marketing model is something else entirely. I spend my days watching women rise up and support one another to create financial and time freedom and it is changing their future, and the future of their families forever. 

Above all, (and I'm genuinely tearing up just writing about it) those women are FLOURISHING. They show up every single day, step deeper into their purpose and become leaders in their own lives and businesses. Creating legacies for their children. Nurturing their communities. Showing the world that when a woman stands in her power, everything changes for the better. 

As if that's not incredible and beautiful enough, it's actually so much bigger. doTERRA have gone against the traditional model to create a supply chain that impacts entire communities in need. Through their co-impact sourcing model they have proved that it is entirely possible to make a profit whilst lifting people out of poverty. 

I want that to sink in for a second. 

All of this is what is so desperately needed in this world. 

So, I can't stand half in or half out anymore. I can't ignore the call because fear and self-doubt takes a hold. I can't deny what I feel in every cell in my body because I'm worried about what other people might think. It's not acceptable to me. 

I'm here telling you that I'm all in. 

I'm here to support the women on my team to stand fully in their power and make their vision happen. 

I'm here to help people take full responsibility for their wellness and get our beautiful oils into as many homes as possible. 

And I want to offer YOU an invitation to join me. 

Are you in?

There are a couple of ways you can support this vision: 

+ If you haven't already, invest in your health and get yourself some oils. I can't tell you how deeply I want you to experience all the ways they can benefit your physical and emotional health. 

Click here to find out more and place your order.  

+ If, as you've been reading through this love note, and you've found yourself nodding your head or hearing a little whisper, please honour that and reach out to learn about the business opportunity. It would be my privilege to explore this with you. 

You can learn more and schedule a time to chat here.

As always, I want to thank you for being here. Your support, all of the replies and comments and messages I get make all of this possible. 

With love and deep gratitude,

Gemma xo

PS. If you want to see the full impact these oils and this business have, please take a couple of moments to watch this.