How to get to the next level in your Biz + Life


Here's the thing: if you want to up-level in your business/relationships/health/finances, you've got start acting like you're already there. 

Setting goals and planning and visioning are all super important, but the fastest route to where you want to be is to start showing up as if you're already there. 

You want a 6-figure income? Start acting like a 6-figure business owner. 

You want a soulful, loving relationship? Start by creating a loving relationship with yourself. 

You want to create an impact and reach a bigger audience? Start sharing your message consistently. 

A little while ago, I set an intention to go big in my business. It's my mission to impact as many women as possible with my message and help them realise what's possible for them. I set some goals and I waited. And waited. I wrote a blog post here and there, I sent out sporadic emails to my mailing list and I waited for something to happen. 

You know what did happen? Not a lot - I was stuck playing small. 

Eventually I realised that if I wanted to have a bigger impact, if I wanted to call in vibrant women to partner with me, I needed to start showing up as the leader I envisioned myself becoming. 

I got serious about sharing my message, daily. 

I loved on my tribe hard. 

I invested in myself and in my business. 

I hosted trainings, did Facebook lives and allowed myself to be visible. 

And it wasn't long before people started to resonate. The universe brought me opportunities to share and connect - all I had to do was keep showing up. 

Do this: 

Take out your journal, set your intention and then imagine yourself already having it. What does that future version of yourself look like? How do you behave? Think? What actions do you take? How do you show up? 

Write it all out and feel yourself embodying the version of you that already has everything you desire. 

Then show up. Take aligned action. Open yourself up to receiving.  

You've got this.