Using Essential Oils Aromatically


One of the reasons I LOVE Essential Oils is the wide variety of things they can be used for and ways in which to use them. I use my oils in 3 ways: 

  • Aromatically
  • Topically
  • Internally

Using them aromatically is probably my favourite, not only does it make my house smell amazing, I'm also getting the therapeutic benefits of the oils. 

Aromatic use has long been revered for its ability to help the user experience the potent, uplifting, relaxing, or purifying nature of essential oils. Not only is the aromatic use of essential oils extremely convenient and simple, but it also offers immediate benefits such as promoting a calm, stable environment, purifying the air, managing mood and emotions, and more. A simple way to experience the power of essential oils with very little skill or knowledge, aromatic use continues to be a popular application method in the essential oil world today. 


Using essential oils to produce relaxing, calming, or uplifting feelings 

Research has shown that the scent of essential oils can cause reactions in chemical sensors in the brain. Because of this, aromatic use allows the essential oil user to achieve a desired effect, depending on the chemical structure of the essential oil. Many essential oils contain chemical properties that have been shown to promote relaxing feelings, a calming atmosphere, and the ability to soothe anxious feelings when used aromatically. 

Aromatic use and purifying the air 

Another major benefit of using essential oils aromatically is their ability to purify the air. Dispelling unwanted odors and replacing them with pure, pleasant scents is possible when you harness the power of potent, high-quality essential oils. Today, many of the things we use to scent our home (air fresheners, plug-ins, scented candles) contain harmful toxins and chemicals, which makes the aromatic use of essential oils even more desirable. Essential oils provide a safe, natural way to purify the air in any room, without inhaling harmful toxins. 

Aromatic use to improve or manage mood 

Among many uses, aromatic usage has traditionally been used to help improve mood. Whether you need to stabilise your emotions, calm anxious feelings, promote feelings of motivation, or encourage relaxation, there is an essential oil with the perfect chemical components to help you manage your mood and achieve a desired result. As the aroma of an essential oil interacts with the chemical sensors in the brain, it will elicit a reaction— allowing the user to choose a specific oil to help produce a specific reaction.

When using essential oils aromatically, the scent travels through the nose to the olfactory system where it is processed, and then travels through the olfactory nerve to the limbic system. In the limbic system, the scent triggers responses in the brain based on memories and experiences. Because of these reactions in the brain, essential oils have a particularly powerful effect when applied aromatically. Due to the volatility of essential oils, aromatic use of essential oils is the most effective application method—the oil user can experience the bene ts of a scent quickly and conveniently. When using essential oils aromatically, they are easily inhaled and absorbed through the respiratory tract and lungs, and then circulated through the blood stream.

As we breathe in the scent of an essential oil, it triggers specific reactions based on our own individual emotions, behaviors, memories, and experiences. This is why aromatic use is such a big part of mood management—reactions in the brain cause physiological reactions that can alter and improve mood. 

How to use essetial oils aromatically

  • Diffuse essential oils during yoga practice or meditation to promote relaxing, focusing, grounding, or energising feelings
  • Spray essential oils on clothing for a pleasant scent throughout the day 
  • Add one to two drops of essential oils to a homemade surface cleaner 

  • Diffuse essential oils during a bath to create a spa-like environment

  • Apply oil to a cotton ball and place in the air vents of your car

  • Diffuse essential oils in the car during road trips to create a calming environment 

  • Diffuse essential oils to help promote a relaxing environment that will promote restful sleep

  • Diffuse essential oils when working to help promote focus and motivation 

  • Place a drop of oil in your hand, rub the palms together, cup the hands over your nose, and inhale (peppermint is my fave)

  •  Diffuse essential oils before work to promote self- confidence, and after work for relaxing relief after a long day 

  • Place two or three drops of essential oil on the oor during a shower (keeping oil away from the water path) and breathe in 

  • Diffuse essential oils during your morning routine for an uplifting, invigorating start to your day