Our new allotment + plot tour


Allotment Diary week 1

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that we have just become the custodians of an allotment. I thought it might be fun to share how it all unfolded and what our plans are.

I really want to document our journey so I'll be sharing weekly posts and vlogs here on the blog.


The details

Plot: 323 Spring Gardens

Size: 440m²

Features: Row of well-established fruit trees

Issues: Perennial weeds including nettle, dock and bramble. Vacant for several years. 

The application process

We have been really lucky with the process as I know in some parts of the country there are huge waiting lists. I applied in January and was offered a choice of 2 plots in April. We wandered down to take a look and immediately ruled out one plot due to a line of tall trees causing large areas of shade. We also felt like there was a lot more work involved to clear the plot. 

We decided on plot 323, sent in signed copies of our agreement and paid a small admin fee. Simple!

The plot

As I mentioned, the plot is very overgrown as it's been vacant for a while. The front third has been used as a sort of 'dumping ground' and is covered in brambles. Behind is a line of fruit trees - we are not sure what they are or if they are productive but will be leaving them in situ for the moment. 

Towards the back of the plot there a lot of perennial weeds such as nettle and dock.

The plot is almost twice the average sized UK plot so there is plenty of opportunity!


The plan

I'm so excited for the opportunity this site gives us to expand on our efforts to become more self-sufficient. Initially we will be focusing on clearing the plot of weeds through strimming and then covering the entire plot in black polythene for several months to kill the weeds.

Our aim is to create an organic, no dig allotment, to provide us with a mixture of veg and fruit, whilst also encouraging wildlife.

The progress so far 

Our first week on the plot has involved clearing as many of the weeds as possible, in addition to I clearing the front of the plot from brambles. 

I spent a couple of hours each day clearing back the brambles, and then we hired a petrol brushcutter to remove the bulk of the weeds. Progress has been slow due to the heat (26 degrees over the weekend! #melting), but it already looks so different!

IMG_2517 2.JPG