Why I chose to align with doTERRA


Let's talk about network marketing. 

Or as I like to think of it, collaborative business. 

I get asked a lot of questions about why I chose to build an arm of my business centered around doTERRA essential oils, so here are a few of my thoughts...

I first took the leap into self-employment in 2011 and since then my business has evolved and changed direction multiple times. But one thing has stayed solid throughout...

My mission to empower and hold space for women to come back home to themselves, get aligned with their truth and find their freedom. 

I LOVE coaching and the women I work with, but last year something started to feel a bit 'off'. So I journaled and meditated and waited for clarity. When one of my gorgeous mentors Tara Bliss started talking about doTERRA on her social media, it sparked something in me. BUT I was hesitant - I told myself I'm not 'salesy' and honestly, I was a bit skeptical about network marketing. 

But I couldn't ignore the little whispers to find out more, and as I did my research and chatted with Tara I soon had a few realisations...

1. The oils and products that doTERRA offer are, frankly, amazing. I genuinely believe them to be of the highest quality and as I began to integrate them into our home, the wellness of our entire family began to change. 

2. The company has a HUGE heart. Lives are changed with every, single, drop of oil that is bought because doTERRA partner with the growers, harvesters, and distillers to invest in their communities. Many of our oils are sourced from some of the poorest countries in the world and doTERRA provides jobs, fair wages, and safe labour conditions. And then there is Healing Hands, doTERRA's non-profit foundation which supports projects to end sex trafficking, provide sustainable feminine hygiene kits, build schools, provide clean water and so much more. <3


3. This is the most beautiful, spiritually aligned business model out there. One that has a conscious impact on this planet and its people. 

Let me clear here - the is not the business of selling. 

This is empowering people to improve their whole wellness. 

This is supporting people to reach their goals. 

This is SERVICE + collaboration + impact. 

I get quite emotional thinking about the lives we are changing. We are teaching and empowering others to take control of their own wellness, naturally, using essential oils. I wholeheartedly believe that every person on this planet could benefit from these gorgeous little bottles of oils and the best way to share them is through creating an in-person experience that educates. 


So I took the leap, I said YES to the opportunity and within weeks doTERRA was providing everything I had been trying to create in my own business... 

SISTERHOOD - My doTERRA team are like family. Working with them is so.much.fun. Our team calls demonstrate this - we meditate, laugh, dream big, strategise, talk spiritual growth, collaborate and support each other... not just in business, but in life. They're my tribe and I love them <3

IMPACT - I get to see lives changed every time I share the oils, but it goes deeper than that. I get to support the women in my team as they change the trajectory of their life and the lives of their family by living out their purpose and creating financial freedom. And of course, there is the wider impact that dT offers through co-impact sourcing and Healing Hands. 

RESIDUAL INCOME - What I have come to learn since beginning my business is this: I do not want to make my income solely from coaching. While I'm not stopping my programs and fully intend to keep my coaching biz up-and-running, I was craving another income stream. Why? Because, truthfully, it's stressful and unsustainable to constantly keep launching new things. I was craving an income stream that would create a strong and sturdy foundation for our family. 

What I didn't expect was that this would be the biggest personal development journey ever. I've learned more about who I am in the last 6 months, than in the past 6 years of being a coach, taking courses, reading self-development books etc. 

Saying YES and following my intuition is the single best decision I have ever made. I am immensely grateful for doTERRA and having the courage to follow my heart. 

If anything about this speaks to you, if you deeply desire to make a difference and create abundance in your life, please reach out. I'd love to share more with you - email gemma@gemmasands.co.uk ♥