Step into your power....right now!


Want me to read this post to you?


So, here's the thing... 

Life, this existence is messy. Our experience isn't linear. There are peaks and troughs, highs and lows. Sometimes life is simply... well, shit. 

But here's the truth...

You have so much power over your life. 

Each of us has incredible power to co-create, even if we can't see it yet... or right now. 

With each new breath you have the power to change things. You have the power to create new thoughts, new actions, new ways of being. 

You have the power to choose a new way, a different way. 

You can decide to make a different choice. In any given moment, you are one choice away from a completely different life. 

You can choose to believe that you are made for more. Because, and here is the real truth, you are made for more. 

More joy. Freedom. Abundance. Love. 

You can choose to rise above the stories you tell yourself. 

You can choose to listen, really listen, to your heart. To stop playing small and higind your light. To share your voice. 

You can choose to heal yourself, knowing that in your healing, others will heal too. 

You can choose to take a small step every day to co-create the life you dream of. You know that you can show up daily and stay rooted in your truth. 

You can choose to tune out all thenoise and tune into your internal guidance system. It knows. Always. 

You can choose to let it be easy. 

I'm not saying it will be smooth sailing. There will be obstacles, curveballs, difficulties. But you can choose to rise above them. To accept them for what they are, and continue to co-create your vision anyway. 

Your only purpose on this earth is to live out your truth. It's not about changing who you are or becoming something else... it's all about peeling back the layers and coming home to yourself. 

Choose to come home to yourself. 


Gemma xo