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Are you sick of feeling fatigued, run down, experiencing negative emotions, having poor digestive health and not being at the top of your game?

Do you want safe, natural, effective products in your life that can support your immune system, lift energy, soothe and support your gut, help you focus, relax, sleep, balance your hormones and replace toxic household, personal care and fragrance products in your life?

Would you like to learn nourishing practices that bring calm, ease and balance to your life? 

If you’re looking for a personalised wellness consultation, this is for you.  I’ll tailor this private session to meet your specific health concerns - providing you with education and customised recommendations to majorly simplify and detoxify your life. This consultation is all about ensuring you feel supported and empowered around your physical and emotional health.


  • 30 minute private consultation
  • You'll take away a personalised 90 day wellness plan
  • Personalised practices blending meditation, essential oils, breath work and coaching techniques
  • Follow-up materials including e-books and videos to support you further
  • Completely FREE!

Side note: If you’d like to add some oils to your wellness toolkit after our chat, I’ll be here to support and mentor you throughout your essential oil journey (free of charge, of course) – and I’ll hook you up with a discount on your oils too. Plus, I’ll provide you with some incredibly useful resources and digital communities so you have lots of info and tools at your fingertips.


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Discover the power of Essential Oils and daily practices and empower yourself to take control of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.